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10 Stunning James Charles Without Makeup Photos

By Kass Barrera


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James Charles Without Makeup

There is a reason why James Charles is the first male to appear on Covergirl. This guy is simply stunning whether he has makeup on or not!

Yes, I’m talking about his gorgeous face here.

We all know how skillful he is with his palettes and how easily he can make his face shine with a few swipes of his magic brushes. But what if we take those away?

1. Cutest smile on Youtube

James Charles has the cutest smile on Youtube
James Charles / Youtube

Some people may not agree with me but I honestly believe that James Charles has the cutest smile on Youtube.

Just look at those naturally alluring eyes and pearly whites! Did I mention he was filming without makeup too?

2. Beautiful IT guy

James Charles looks like a beautiful IT guys

If James was an IT guy, then he is definitely the most beautiful one that I’ve ever seen. Even though he wasn’t wearing any sparkling eyeshadows, but with those cute black frames and perfect nails, I’d love for him to fix my PC.

3. He’s having a bad skin day

James Charles bad skin day
Instagram @ jamescharles

I guess internet celerity is only human and they can have their off days too. Yes, I can see some pimples and a few bad skin spots here and there.

Oh honey…

4. Perfect swimming pool shot

James Charles taking the perfect swimming pool shot
Instagram @ jamescharles

Seriously, why isn’t his hair and face wet?

I think he deliberately jumped into the pool just so that he can take this perfect shot. And I can’t tell if those are blushes or sunburn on his cheeks. Can you?

5. Time to wake up

James Charles wake up in bed
James Charles / Youtube

This is exactly what James Charles looks like when he wakes up in bed.

Yes, his hair was a little messy and he was makeup-free but he still looks very pretty.

6. Mask means less work

James Charles wearing a mask means less work on his face

Wearing a mask means that James can leave his foundation and concealer at home. Sure, it is less work but judging by his nail, I doubt he minds putting them on either.

7. Worst hour of his life

James Charles is having the worst hour of his life
Instagram @ jamescharles

I don’t know what happened but according to urban legend, James left his favorite lipstick at McDonald’s and he wasn’t happy about it.

8. Beach sunset is beautiful, too

James Charles in beautiful beach sunset photoshoot
Instagram @ jamescharles

Please tell me what’s more beautiful. The beach sunset or him?

I’d say both.

9. Someone has a double chin

James Charles making a double chin for fun

It’s just one of those mornings where James decided to share something funny with his followers. In this case, we have his unconcealed face and a double chin. Enjoy!

10. He’s more than a beauty influencer

James Charles is more than a beauty influencer with nice freckles
Instagram @ jamescharles

From a makeup artist, Youtuber, to a successful beauty influencer, I’m so happy for James and the success that he has achieved.

To me, he is more than an influencer. He is an inspiration with nice freckles too 🙂

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