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Top 12 Gal Gadot No Makeup Pictures Picked For You

It wasn’t hard picking these.

Sometimes, I can’t even tell if Gal Gadot has no makeup on. That’s just how gorgeous her natural bare face is.

Don’t take it from me. See it for yourself.

1. Her side face is beautiful

Gal Gadot side face is beautiful

I mean this with all of my heart.

Gal’s side face is so pretty and it doesn’t matter if she’s makeup-free or not.

2. After a successful workout

Gal Gadot workout success

Even though Gal was a little sweaty but it’s clear that she was happy with her workout. No wonder why she is so fit!

3. She can be an ordinary mother

Gal Gadot is an ordinary mother

Just when you thought Gal is all glamorous and fabulous, here she is without makeup doing ordinary mother things.

4. Couldn’t wipe the smirk off her face

Gal Gadot smirk on her face

I believe this was an Instagram live session where Gal couldn’t control that smirk on her “no makeup” face.

5. Pregnant stare

Gal Gadot pregnant staring at the street

This was the time when Gal was pregnant sitting at home and staring at the street.

6. Weight lifting selfie

Gal Gadot weight lifting selfie

I guess Wonder Woman didn’t just become strong without weight training. Oh, wait.

7. That water view is also beautiful

Gal Gadot in front of beautiful water view

That water view is absolutely stunning but so is Gal who happens to be without makeup. It’s just picture perfect!

8. She has double eye bags

Gal Gadot double eye bags

It’s one of those days where Gal was a bit restless and having no makeup obviously didn’t help. Some concealer and highlighter would hide those eye bags with ease.

9. Reading her movie script

Gal Gadot reading her movie script at home

I’m not sure what movie script Gal was reading but she was working hard at home.

10. Hair and makeup in the kitchen

Gal Gadot doing her hair and makeup in the kitchen

So, this is what Gal uses her kitchen bench for?

I’m sure she cooks too.

11. Out in the cold

Gal Gadot out in the cold

Gal looks shivering cold without makeup and that coat doesn’t seem warm enough for her.

12. Best of the best selfie

Gal Gadot best no makeup selfie

Saving the best for last.

I personally think this is Gal’s best of the best no-makeup selfie.

Do you agree?