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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Siena Mason


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Christina Hendricks plastic surgery

This woman is stunning!

Yes, I’m talking about Christina Hendricks. We all know how beautiful this redhead is and her body is almost too good to be true.

So I think she may have gone under the knife.

If not, I’ll be very surprised.

Did Christina Hendricks have a nose job?

Christina Hendricks nose job before and after comparison photo

I doubt it.

Christina’s nose shape is slightly crooked and this distinctive feature has not changed. She could have gotten a nose job to fix it but chose not to.

I guess it’s not obvious and it really isn’t.

Did Christina get lip fillers?

Christina Hendricks lip fillers before and after comparison photo

This was an easy ‘no’ for me.

Christina’s lips look natural. There are no signs of lip injections and I’m pretty sure it will stay that way.

What about botox?

Christina Hendricks botox before and after comparison photo

Even though Christina is approaching 50, she has been looking after her skin well.

There are some visible lines and wrinkles on her face but I don’t think she has treated them with facial fillers.

Who knows what will happen in a year or two.

Does Christina have breast implants?

Christina Hendricks breast implants before and after comparison photo

I’m still unsure about this one.

Christina has insisted in the past that her boobs are real but there is not enough evidence to confirm this.

One thing I do know is that her breasts can change in size under different outfits and in a natural way too. Implants usually don’t do this.

So, I don’t think she had a boob job.

Did she get a butt lift?

Christina Hendricks butt lift before and after comparison photo

I’m saying ‘no’ to this one.

There is nothing crazy happening to Christina’s butt regardless of her weight fluctuation. That’s good enough for me.

Any work done to her teeth?

Christina Hendricks teeth before and after comparison photo

She may not have the perfect set of teeth but it’s not that bad either.

At least, not to the point where she needs to get veneers or any other dental work.

Final Thoughts

I couldn’t believe it.

There was no evidence suggesting that Christina has had any form of plastic surgery. There is nothing fake on her face and body.

It’ll be interesting to see how she deals with aging in the coming years.

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