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Nina Dobrev Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Something is going on.

Nina Dobrev looks different since the last time I saw her and this changing appearance has plastic surgery written all over it.

Let’s see if it’s true or not.

Has Nina Dobrev had a nose job?

Nina Dobrev nose job before and after comparison photo

I’m not sure why some people think that Nina had undergone a nose job. I can’t see any differences here.

If she did, then it was a waste of money.

Did Nina have an eyelid surgery?

Nina Dobrev eyelid surgery before and after comparison photo

We found it!

You can see the size differences in her eyelids and this is what transformed Nina’s face. She looks like a different person because of it.

I’m not sure if aging can do such dramatic changes to a person, but I think she most likely had her eyelids done.

Did she have botox?

Nina Dobrev botox before and after comparison photo

This procedure is a bit hard to spot.

Given Nina’s age, I’m going to say “no” for now. But I have a feeling that botox is something Nina will look into in the coming years.

Did Nina get a boob job?

Nina Dobrev boob job before and after comparison photo

It’s no secret that Nina has a skinny frame.

That doesn’t mean she has small breasts though. In fact, I think her boobs are quite full for her body shape and I believe they are real too.

I don’t think she had breast implants.

What about her teeth?

Nina Dobrev teeth before and after comparison photo

Looks like Nina has had nice teeth all her life.

I couldn’t find anything about her having braces, let alone veneers. Some people are just born lucky I guess.

Final Thoughts

I have found the culprit responsible for Nina’s changed face. It’s her eyes.

Whether this was cosmetic surgery or something else, I will let you make the decision.

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