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9 Latest Addison Rae Without Makeup Photos

By Siena Mason


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Some people say Addison Rae looks very different without makeup but I don’t agree.

I think she looks quite similar.

If you don’t believe me, take a look below.

1. Relaxing on a hot day

Addison Rae relaxing on a hot day

Addison can be seen chilling on a hot summer day. Even though the Tik Tok star was makeup-free, she looks just as gorgeous, right?

2. Putting lipstick on her face

Addison Rae putting lipstick on her face

Hey Addison, that lipstick is supposed to go on your lips. Not your face!

3. Staring at the ceiling

Addison Rae staring at the ceiling

I’m not sure why she is looking at the ceiling and barefaced. Maybe she’s thinking about her next makeup style?

4. Eating ice block at the beach

Addison Rae eating ice block at the beach

Seeing how quickly that ice block has melted, I’m just glad Addison didn’t have makeup on. Otherwise, her face will be melting next.

5. Her mind is blank

Addison Rae mind is blank

Yes, I have no idea what she is thinking. I’m guessing her mind is completely blank. Just like her beautiful face.

6. Ready for a shower

Addison Rae ready for shower

Looks like Addison was getting ready to jump into the shower and that’s why she removed her eyelashes and foundation.

7. Selfie with love

Addison Rae selfie with love hearts

I guess Addison wanted to give her followers a lot of love hearts and that’s why she took this no-makeup selfie.

8. Getting out of the gym

Addison Rae getting out of the gym with a face mask

Not sure why I have this thought but I’m wondering if Addison wore that face mask inside the gym. I doubt it.

9. Having a rant on camera

Addison Rae having a rant

Looks like Addison had something she needed to get off her chest. So there was no reason for her to put on makeup and look good for the camera.

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