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These 12 Pictures Proved How Tan Ariana Grande’s Skin Color Has Become

By Kass Barrera


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I have been a big fan of Ariana Grande for as long as I can remember. She is definitely on my top 5 list of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world.

Lately, I couldn’t help but notice how tan her skin has become. I mean, her skin color is literally changing before our eyes.

When Ariana first started out, she didn’t have dark skin. I’m sure. So, what has she been doing to achieve such a beautiful skin tone? Did she use artificial tanning lamp? Has she been getting natural sun lights only, or did her stylist use fake tan lotions?

I honestly don’t know but these 12 photos will prove my case.

1) She is a natural white

Ariana Grande has natural white skin
chicoberia / lipstickalley.com

See, I told you! Ariana Grande has natural white skin.

As someone with an Italian background, I thought she would be more olive. She actually looks quite fair here, especially around her neck and collarbone area.

No photoshop, no lightening effects, nothing!

2) Pearly arms and legs

Ariana Grande with pearly arms and legs
PacificCoastNews / zimbio.com

Sorry, I had to show you another one which includes her body. You can clearly see her arms and legs here. They are almost as white as pearls.

If I’m honest, she looked too pale for my liking.

3) Healthier looking skin

Ariana Grande with healthier looking skin
s_bukley / Shutterstock / stealherstyle.net

This photo was taken around 2010. I believe Ariana has been absorbing some vitamin D at the beach and I absolutely love it!

Even though she isn’t as tan as she is today, but she looks so much healthier don’t you think?

4) Tanning experiment

Ariana Grande tanning experiment
Sue Schneider_MGP Agency / assignmentx.com

I believe 2011 was the year when Ariana Grande first experimented with tanning as her honey tan clearly isn’t as natural as the previous picture. I don’t think this was a spray on either so she probably used a self-tanner cream here.

5) Exotic green dress

Ariana Grande with an exotic tan and a matching green piece

It’s evident that Grande was enjoying the feedback she’s been getting about her new skin. She showed up at the 2012 KIIS FMs Jingle Ball with an exotic tan matched with a gorgeous green dress that wowed every guest.

Perhaps she was making a statement that the color is here to stay and I don’t blame her because she looks truly amazing from head to toe.

6) Bronze effect

Ariana Grande with bronze tan effect
Mallory M / pinterest

Looks like Ariana was trying a bronze tan when she attended the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York. While her skin tone does look more radiant, the bronze effect was a little too yellow or golden for me.

7) Perfect style & tan

Ariana Grande found her perfect style with high heels, pony tail and tan skin"
Jason Merritt / Getty / popcrush.com

By 2014, Ariana has found the perfect style to accommodate her worldwide success. These include her trademark ponytail, high heels and tan skin.

8) They forgot her face

They forgot to tan Ariana Grande's face

Looks like someone forgot about Ariana’s face when they tanned her body or her makeup artist simply put too much powder up there. What do you think?

9) 50 shades darker

Ariana Grande went 50 shades darker on her skin color
REX Shutterstock / hollywoodlife.com

Ariana has definitely stepped up a notch here as her skin color looks 50 shades darker. Since this is officially her “look” now so I doubt she used tanning lotions. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s either spray tan or she’s been sleeping on a sunbed.

I’m just glad she went with a lighter horsetail here. It’s spot on!

10) Casual look

Ariana Grande casual look
arianagrande / instagram

One way to find out whether Ariana’s darkened skin is real would be to check out how she looks casually. Surely, she won’t be putting fake tans on if she’s not preparing for an event, right?

And this casual sweater look proved to me that it is.

11) Brown and gorgeous

"Ariana Grande with gorgeous brown skin

I wonder how much money she has spent at the clinic to get that gorgeous brown skin color. It certainly didn’t happen overnight.

Let’s just hope that the long term exposure of UV ray isn’t doing her skin cells any damage.

12) Thank you, next

Ariana Grande in her music video of - Thank u, next
Ariana Grande / youtube

With the release of her hit song, ‘Thank u, next’, Ariana went even further by going dark tan. She complimented her deep color superbly by wearing a ginger blonde hair wig.

Now that she has gone dark brown, what’s next?

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