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12 Unique Pics of Dove Cameron Without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Dove Cameron Without Makeup

I cannot believe it!

Not only does Dove Cameron look super cute without makeup but she actually looks like a totally different person. I almost couldn’t recognize her.

Perhaps this is what makes her so unique?

1. The RAW face interview

Dove Cameron RAW face interview

Not sure if it was deliberate but Dove went with a bare face look when she did this interview with RAW.

She looked like a Baywatch babe, don’t you think?

2. Heart of gold

Dove Cameron wearing the heart of gold
Instagram @ dovecameron

When you are wearing the heart of gold on your chest, everything else becomes neglectable including your makeup!

3. Nice day at the beach

Dove Cameron having a nice day at the beach
Instagram @ dovecameron

It was a beautiful day and Dove made the most of it by going makeup-free at the beach. I guess she wanted to absorb all the vitamin D she could get her face on.

4. Leave her alone on the street

Leave Dove Cameron alone on the street

Sometimes, I feel sorry for celebrities like her.

They can’t even enjoy a quiet day out on the streets without getting disturbed. I mean…this girl even had her sunnies on so she most likely left the eyelashes at home and didn’t want anyone to recognize her.

To her credit though, she acknowledged the photo with a gentle smile.

5. Crossed eyes

Dove Cameron crossed eyes
Instagram @ dovecameron

There is nothing wrong with a pretty girl having a little fun, is there?

6. Boring day at home

Dove Cameron bored at home
Snapchat @ dovecameron

When Dove gets bored at home, she likes to do live on Snapchat. I’m just wondering if it was her intention to leave the makeup off. What do you think?

7. Splashing like a duck

Dove Cameron swimming and splashing like a duck

It’s so good to see the actress enjoying a swim by the pool. Without worrying about smudging the eyeshadow and mascara, she can go extra hard with the splashing.

What a great time she is having!

8. Night time skincare routine

Dove Cameron night time skincare routine
Harper’s Bazaar

When the powder is wiped off and the concealer is removed, this is how Dove cares for her skin at night time. No wonder why she has such beautiful skin.

9. Nothing on my lips

Dove Cameron with nothing on lips
Instagram @ dovecameron

When Dove took this selfie, I think she wanted to emphasize to her fans that she had no lipstick on. It worked!

10. Dressing in all black

Dove Cameron dressing in all black

To be honest, even if Dove dressed up in all white, purple, or yellow, she still looks lovely.

11. Pre hair and makeup

Dove Cameron pre hair and makeup
Snapchat @ dovecameron

Want to see what Dove looks like before putting on her hair and face? Well, the singer took a snap for us and she is absolutely gorgeous!

12. Stretching her back

Dove Cameron stretching her back

Before any workout, it is important to stretch your back. So forget about her plain-looking face here and focus on her body instead. She is showing you how it is done.

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