Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Do men get more charming with age?

Well, I can certainly relate that to Tom Cruise and it has nothing to do with how powerful he is in Hollywood or how much money he has either.

I’m purely talking about his appearance here and I’m sure a lot of people would like to know if cosmetic surgery played a role.

So, thank me later.

Before and After Photos

I mean….how can a man look this handsome for so many years? Perhaps these comparison pictures will give us some ideas.

Did Tom Cruise get botox injections?

Did Tom Cruise get botox injections?

Just look at that gorgeous smile!

You don’t have to look far because his laugh lines will tell you the whole story.

They have clearly faded over time and I could only attribute it to botox, nothing else.

Has Tom Cruise had a facelift?

Has Tom Cruise had a facelift?

At this point, I don’t think he has.

Tom’s facial skin does look more tightened, but his slightly swollen cheeks seem to suggest that it’s the fillers that are doing all the work.

What do you think?

Did Tom ever have a nose job?

Did Tom Cruise ever had a nose job?

I’ve heard this rumor a lot and it’s nothing more than a bunch of bull.

Seriously, just look at these photos!

Can you spot any differences?

Sure, his nose looks a little crooked now so he might have actually broken it before. But guess what…he didn’t fix it.

Did Tom have a hair transplant?

Did Tom Cruise have a hair transplant?

This one was hard.

Tom was definitely experiencing a receding hairline and some thinning patches. However, it doesn’t look like he needed a lot of work.

I’m leaning towards a yes here. But just a minor procedure to fill up some missing strands.

What about his teeth?

Tom Cruise's teeth before and after

I guess nobody is perfect.

Even someone like Tom Cruise also has flaws. Yes, he had crooked teeth and I’m sure it took some serious dental work to have them fixed.

To this day, he still has mono-tooth that, thankfully, didn’t affect his charm.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the actor has a near-perfect face.

So I wouldn’t blame him for trying to sustain it, even with some plastic surgery help.

But I couldn’t see anything particularly invasive. Maybe he’s had a few needles here and there to treat some wrinkles. That’s about it.