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7 Latest Pictures of Doja Cat Without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Doja Cat Without Makeup

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

It’s incredible how different Doja Cat looks without makeup and I’m 100% certain you will agree with me soon. I think it’s mainly because of her eyes. When the singer puts on her eyeshadows and lashes, she looks like a different person.

See it for yourself.

1. Complaining in bed

Doja Cat complaining in bed

Why does Doja Cat look visibly upset here?

That’s because she was complaining about people who called her friends white supremacists. Yes, she was still in bed and didn’t even bother to put on makeup. She just wanted to have a quick rant and get it off her chest.

2. Innocent cowgirl

Doja Cat looks like an innocent cowgirl

I don’t know if anyone else can pull off an innocent face like this while dressing up as a cowgirl. Well, she did it with ease.

3. I have pimples too

Doja Cat have pimples too

The message here is clear.

Wearing no concealer, Doja Cat is showing the world that she has acne problems too. Yes, she has to deal with pimples.

4. Little orange riding hood

Doja Cat pretending to be the little orange riding hood

No offence but at first glance, I thought the singer converted to Islam and was wearing a hijab here. Then I realized she wasn’t a Muslim.

Maybe she was pretending to be the little red riding hood, except her scarf was orange.

5. Pikachu girl

Doja Cat dressed up as the Pikachu girl from Pokemon

OMG! I love Pikachu!!

So when I saw this girl dressed up as my favorite Pokemon character, I knew we have something in common and it made me feel good.

6. Putting on makeup

Doja Cat putting on makeup

I’m not sure if Doja Cat was giving out a live makeup tutorial here, but she definitely started off with her bare face.

You see what I mean though? She looks so different without her eyelashes.

7. Something magical about her hair

Doja Cat has magical curly hair

Ok, I know she was makeup-free but my focus wasn’t on her face. It was her curly hair.

It kind of reminded me of the magical snake-haired Medusa. I couldn’t stop staring at those curls as if I was frozen and turned into a stone.

(Photo Sources: Instagram @ Doja Cat)

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