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9 Latest Pictures of Billie Eilish Without Makeup

By Siena Mason


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Billie Eilish Without Makeup

Not sure if you notice this.

Billie Eilish is not the type of star who cares a lot about how she looks on camera.

In fact, she is often seen without makeup.

Just like these.

1. Looking a little messy

Billie Eilish looks a little messy

This is exactly what I mean.

Billie does not care if her hair is messy or she has no makeup on. She does NOT care!

2. Like a big sister

Billie Eilish like a big sister

Doesn’t Billie look like a big sister who’s there to listen to your sorrows?

Yes, she does.

3. Sweatshirt over her head

Billie Eilish with sweatshirt over her head

It’s hard to say if that sweatshirt was there to cover her makeup-free face, but I doubt it.

4. Straight grey looks so cool

Billie Eilish straight grey hair looks cool

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Billie has no eyeshadow or lipstick on. Her straight grey hair looks super cool.

5. Please let her sleep

Billie Eilish sleeping

Yup, she is very tired. Please let her sleep.

6. Just woke up

Billie Eilish just woke up

Want to see Billie waking up?

I think she looks kind of sexy especially without makeup getting in the way.

7. Casual street look

Billie Eilish casual street look

This casual street look caused quite a bit of stir on social media.

Please guys, just leave her tank top alone.

8. Innocent Fan

Billie Eilish was an innocent fan of Avril Lavigne

I had no idea that Billie was a fan of Avril Lavigne.

She looked so innocent with that brown hair and no eyeliner.

9. Eating a mouthful Tortilla

Billie Eilish eating tortilla

I can’t think of another singer who would post a picture of herself eating a mouthful of tortilla barefaced.

Can you?

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