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Adele Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Siena Mason


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If you ask me, Adele certainly looks different.

But I don’t like to speculate on things.

I won’t go down the plastic surgery route either unless I have some hard evidence on my hands. That’s why I made these comparison pictures.

Has Adele had a nose job?

Adele nose job before and after comparison photo

Adele’s nose does not look the same here.

She used to have a bulbous nose tip that seems to have been reduced.

Now, this might have been achieved with a nose job, but the swelling may have also gone down with her weight.

So which one is it? I’ll let you decide.

Did Adele have lip fillers

Adele lip fillers before and after comparison photo

You can see how much thinner Adele’s lips were back in the days.

Despite the pouty makeup, there is a slight bulge to both her top and bottom lip.

So, I think lip filler is likely her jam.

Did she get botox injections?

Adele botox before and after comparison photo

I will say “no” for this one.

Adele’s face has some obvious lines just below her cheeks. They are still showing even with the heavy powder.

I have also seen the wrinkles on her when she is barefaced so botox is not something she has touched, yet.

What about Adele’s teeth?

Adele teeth before and after comparison photo

Well, they were pretty yellow.

So I’m sure that Adele has had some teeth whitening done.

As for other procedures like veneers or braces, I doubt it.

Final Thoughts

I know Adele has lost a lot of weight.

It also made her look more beautiful but I can’t say with certainty whether cosmetic surgery was involved.

Perhaps you can be the judge.

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