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10 Young Salma Hayek Photos Before She Was Famous

Salma Hayek Young

What can I say?

Salma Hayek made a lot of noise in Hollywood and I think we all know why.

But what was young Salma like before fame got hold of her?

This should be interesting.

1. The Cute Baby Picture

Salma Hayek baby picture

What a cute toddler!

You didn’t expect anything less, did you?

2. She wanted to be a gymnast

Salma Hayek was good in gymnastics when she was young

I didn’t think Salma would be into gymnastics. But apparently, she started young and was really good at it.

Check out that mid air split!

3. Studying in Mexico

Salma Hayek at school in Mexico

Here is a picture of Salma studying at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic school in Mexico. She was about 14 years old.

4. First Audition

Salma Hayek first audition in acting

This was when Salma made her first acting audition for a Mexican TV role. She looked so young and pretty.

5. She liked it short…and curly

Salma Hayek liked to keep her hair short and curly in the 80s

Perhaps it was part of the 80s vibe, Salma liked to keep her hair short and curly back then.

6. Landed her first major role

Salma Hayek in Teresa, a Mexican TV series.

In 1989, Hayek got her first major role in the TV series, Teresa. It made her famous in Mexico.

7. Trying her luck in the US

Salma Hayek casting polaroid headshot

Salma later moved to the U.S to pursue a Hollywood career and this was her casting polaroid. Stunning, right?

8. Her body was an asset

Salma Hayek body was a great asset

Besides her young beautiful face, Hayek’s body was her greatest asset.

9. Starring role in Desperado

Salma Hayek in Desperado

I’ll be honest.

This was the first time I noticed Salma’s existence but she surely caught my eyes in the 1995 film, Desperado.

10. It was on in the Wild Wild West

Salma Hayek in the Wild Wild West

Co-starring alongside Will Smith, there was no stopping for Hayek.

In case you didn’t know, she was 33 at the time so she wasn’t exactly young but she wasn’t old either.