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15 Kylie Jenner No Makeup Pics Looks Incredible

By Kass Barrera


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Kylie Jenner No Makeup

As the founder of one of the world’s most successful cosmetics companies, Kylie Jenner obviously knows a lot about makeup.

Yes, she is a babe and an inspiring one too.

But what happens when she is without makeup?

Take a look.

1. Freckles and Scars

Kylie Jenner freckles and scars
Instagram / kyliejenner

Okay, I’m probably as shocked as you are.

I mean…who would have thought that when Kylie goes makeup-free, she is just like the rest of us?

Yes, she has freckles and pimple scars too.

2. Young Ordinary Girl

Kylie Jenner is an ordinary girl without makeup

I almost forgot how ordinary Kylie used to look before she became obsessed with makeup and selfies.

She really has gone a long way.

3. In The Mall

Kylie Jenner shopping with glasses

Kylie was spotted in the mall looking nothing like her glamorous Instagram posts.

She was wearing glasses and had no makeup on.

4. Removing Makeup

Kylie Jenner removing makeup

Here is a screenshot from a video Kylie posted online where she shared her daily makeup removal routine.

Even without makeup, she looks so pretty!

5. At The Airport

Kylie Jenner at the airport

Something tells me that Kylie wasn’t too happy about being photographed at the airport. Her facial expression tells the story.

Maybe she didn’t want people to see her bare face?

6. Magical Face Shape

Kylie Jenner magical face shape

It’s amazing how Kylie’s face shape changes so often.

I guess it’s all thanks to her magic brushes.

7. Mommy Hug

Kylie Jenner Mommy Hug

A mother’s hug is the most beautiful sight in the world and I honestly don’t care if she had no makeup. Do you?

8. No Ugly Woman

Kylie Jenner Thin Lips and Eyes

I can’t believe how boring Kylie’s face looked back then. It’s amazing what a few cosmetic products can do if you’re willing to put in the effort.

She proved that there is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy woman!

9. Thinking Too Much

Kylie Jenner thinking too much

Not sure if it’s the bare face but Kylie seems to have a lot on her mind.

I guess it’s not easy being the youngest billionaire in the world.

10. Messy Throwback

Kylie Jenner messy throwback pic

Here’s a rare throwback picture of Kylie with messy hair and makeup-free.

I doubt you will see her like this again.

11. Happy to Share

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

When it comes to makeup and beauty, Kylie is always happy to share her personal tips and techniques.

Here, she did a tutorial video for Vogue teaching people her eye and facial applications.

12. Freckle Face Blondie

Kylie Jenner bare face blondie
Instagram / kyliejenner

I love how Kylie dyed her hair blonde to complement those natural freckles. It is absolutely beautiful!

I just wish she took off those eyelashes too for a complete all-natural look.

13. Beauty Wants a Coffee

Kylie Jenner is a beauty who drinks coffee

It seems like Kylie can’t even enjoy a coffee in the car park without attracting attention.

I guess that’s the price you pay for being a popular beauty.

14. Shaved Head

Kylie Jenner shaved head?

At first glance, I thought Kylie Jenner shaved her head. Then I realized she was just using her sunnies as a headband.

Can you imagine a bald Kylie with no makeup? That will break the internet…easy!

15. What The Green

Kylie Jenner what the green

I knew her transformation was huge but when you compare it side by side like this, it’s like a real-life fairy tale.

The only difference is Cinderella has become more sexy and green!

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