15 Kylie Jenner No Makeup Pics Proved She’s Human

As the founder of one of the world’s most successful cosmetics companies, Kylie Jenner obviously knows a lot about makeup.

Yes, she’s a babe and an inspiring one too.

But what happens when all the blushes and shines are washed off?

Well, these pics will prove that she’s only human with flaws, just like you and me.

1. Freckles and Scars

Kylie Jenner freckles and scars
Instagram / kyliejenner

Who would have thought that underneath all the concealers, powders and bronzers, Kylie is just like the rest of us.

Yes, she has freckles and pimple scars too. Yay!

2. An Ordinary Girl

Kylie Jenner is an ordinary girl without makeup

Sometimes, we forget that behind all the makeup, Kylie is just an ordinary girl.

3. Shopping With Glasses

Kylie Jenner shopping with glasses

The social media star was spotted in the mall with her hair pulled back while wearing a pair of “not so glamorous” glasses.

And guess what?

She didn’t have eyelash extensions!

4. Removing Makeup

Kylie Jenner removing makeup

Here’s a screenshot of a video she posted online teaching others how she removes her makeup.

Gosh…she is so pretty!

5. At The Airport

Kylie Jenner at the airport

I believe Kylie was trying to avoid the cameras by going makeup free at the airport.

Obviously, she failed.

6. Magical Face Shape

Kylie Jenner magical face shape

Have you ever noticed how Kylie’s face shape often changes from slim to wide, and then back to slim again?

Perhaps it’s the camera angle or her contouring technique. Either way, it’s pure magic!

7. Mommy Hug

Kylie Jenner Mommy Hug

I don’t care if she had makeup on or not. A mother’s hug is the most beautiful sight in the entire world.

8. Thin Lips and Eyes

Kylie Jenner Thin Lips and Eyes

This picture reminds us of how far Kylie has come in terms of her beauty.

From her thin lips and boring eyes to now, being one of the sexiest women on the planet.

I guess what they say is true: “There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman”

And the truth is, she was gorgeous already!

9. Thinking Too Much

Kylie Jenner thinking too much

Being the youngest billionaire in the world, I suppose you do have a lot to think about.

10. Messy Throwback Pic

Kylie Jenner messy throwback pic

I don’t recall the last time seeing Kylie Jenner with messy hair and without makeup.

Well, thank me later.

11. Makeup Tutorial

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

The famous influencer did a makeup tutorial video for Vogue teaching some eye and facial application techniques.

12. Bare Face Blondie

Kylie Jenner bare face blondie
Instagram / kyliejenner

Doesn’t Jenner look amazing with blonde hair? Her bare face really stood out without the foundation, eyeshadows, lipstick, and gloss getting in the way.

I wish she took off those lashes though. That would have completed the natural look.

13. Coffee Beauty

Kylie Jenner is a beauty who drinks coffee

She’s a beauty and she drinks coffee.

Nuff said.

14. Shaved Head?

Kylie Jenner shaved head?

A makeup-less Kylie was seen in a boutique sporting a full-body tracksuit look.

From afar, I almost thought she shaved her head (can you imagine a bald Kylie?), but it seems she was just using her sunglasses as a headband.

15. What The Green

Kylie Jenner what the green

I knew her transformation was huge but when you compare it side by side like this before and after shot, it’s a fairy tale.

The only difference is that Cinderella has become more sexy and green.


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