Top 15 Jennifer Lopez No Makeup Pictures of ALL Time

Listen up! Every woman should be jealous of Jennifer Lopez and it has everything to do with her beauty.

It is timeless.

Honestly, I can’t believe the singer is now in her 50s. Her face is totally defying the law of aging and it’s not because of cosmetics either.

Unlike many female celebs who hide behind heavy powders, JLo happily shares pictures of herself without makeup and is often seen barefaced in public too.

To save time, I have reviewed and handpicked her best 15 photos of all time.


1. Laugh of an Angel

Jennifer Lopez has the laugh of an angel
via Twitter

This smile is so beautiful that “angelic” is probably the best word to describe it. It’s almost like the laugh came directly from heaven.

If angels are real, then JLo must be one of them.

2. Black Eye

Jennifer Lopez with a black eye
Instagram / jlo

This is no eye makeup and she’s not a victim of domestic violence. Apparently, Jennifer got injured at work and was left with a black eye. Ouch!

3. Beauty Secret

Jennifer Lopez's beauty secret is water

Is this Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret to having silky, soft and smooth skin? She can’t stop sipping on that big water bottle.

Okay, I need some skin hydration, WATER PLEASE!!!

4. Not In Good Mood

Jennifer Lopez is not in a good mood

I get it that Jennifer wasn’t wearing makeup but she’s clearly not in a good mood.

I wonder what happened because that’s some serious look on her face?

5. Stand Out From Crowd

JLo is a star who stands out from the crowd
via Reddit

When you are a superstar, a light just seems to shine from within.

Take a look at Jenny for example. No matter how large the crowd size, you can easily spot her from miles away. And that’s without cosmetics too.

6. Family Fun At The Beach

Jennifer is having family fun at the beach
Instagram / jlo

JLo posted this photo during a family vacation with Alex Rodriguez and looks like they had so much fun at the beach.

Although the singer was makeup-free, she wasn’t shying away from the camera. In fact, she took a close-up shot which further proves her flawless natural beauty.

I honestly can’t see a wrinkle, can you?

7. Serious Phone Call

Jennifer Lopez on a serious phone call
via Twitter

I don’t need to know the conversation. Her pale face already tells me that this phone call is serious.

Maybe some eyelashes and foundation would have lightened things up.

8. Latino Genes

Jennifer Lopez has latino genes that makes her beautiful

They say that Latino women have naturally beautiful skin and tend to age really well.

Turns out it’s not a myth and it’s all in the genes!

9. Marathon High

Jennifer Lopez marathon high

Marathons are no easy treats and the adrenaline from crossing the finish line is apparently making Jennifer very happy. Perhaps she’s experiencing the runner’s high?

Looking at her sweaty hair and face, I’m just glad she wasn’t wearing any mascaras.

10. Hotel Room Selfie

Jennifer Lopez hotel room selfie
Instagram / jlo

It’s always nice to see Jenny’s new selfies and here’s one she took inside her hotel room where she wore a white bathrobe with no makeup on. Simply stunning!

11. Sick and Tired

Jennifer Lopez sick and tired

Do you think Jennifer Lopez is sick in this picture?

She looks so tired and her facial skin color is stone white.

Not sure why she wasn’t using concealers as it would have easily covered up her winter cold.

12. Chilling By The Pool

Jennifer Lopez is chilling by the swimming pool
Youtube / Jennifer Lopez

It’s such a joy to see the actress chilling by the swimming pool. She doesn’t have to perform for anyone or look good for anyone. It’s all ME TIME!

13. Most Beautiful Mom

Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful mom in America
Instagram / jlo

Psst…I think I just found the most beautiful mom in America.

14. Cheeky Smile

Jennifer Lopez cheeky smile
via Pinterest

JLo’s makeup-less face is not the best place to hide her cheeky thoughts. That smile has betrayed her.

Even a thin layer of lipstick would have helped, but too late now.

15. Perfect Filter

Jennifer Lopez probably used filters for her glowing skin
Instagram / jlo

Yes, she has gorgeous skin tone, color, and complexion. They are all-natural too.

But to achieve perfect glowing skin like this picture without using any makeups? Well, I can only narrow it down to the almighty Instagram filters.


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