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Top 8 Bhad Bhabie Without Makeup Photos Revealed

Bhad Bhabie Without Makeup

It’s only a matter of time.

Bhad Bhabie is getting prettier every day, so finding pictures of her without makeup won’t be this easy anymore.

Yes, I’m just doing a collection here to record what she looks like before fame starts taking her even further. Here are my top 8.


1. Once upon a time, there was a lady in red

Bhad Bhabie a lady in red

It’s no secret that Danielle Bregoli (real name) likes the color, Red.

At least she used to.

2. Now, this is competely barefaced

Bhad Bhabie completely barefaced
Instagram @ bhadbhabie

The rapper has gone all out with this selfie, guys.

She has completely removed everything on her face including any foundation and concealer. Who cares about a few pimple scars, right?

3. She looks ready to fight

Bhad Bhabie looks ready to fight
Instagram @ bhadbhabie

If it wasn’t for those fingernails, I’d have thought that Bhad Bhabie is getting ready for her next UFC fight.

She will be famous in the octagon too, I’m sure!

4. A cute Japanese ninja

Bhad Bhabie looks like a Japanese ninja
Instagram @ bhadbhabie

With short hair (kind of) and no makeup, Bhad Bhabie looks like a Japanese ninja warrior. A very cute one that is.

5. She just wanna buy a drink

Bhad Bhabie want to buy a drink casually

Just because you’re famous, it doesn’t mean that you have to dress up and look all fancy on the streets.

The girl just wants to buy a drink so who cares if she wore eyeshadow or not. Just let her be casual and free.

6. Inside the airport lobby

Bhad Bhabie inside an airport lobby
Instagram @ bhadbhabie

Ever wonder what celebrities do when they are bored inside an airport lobby?

Not putting on makeup, I’ll tell you that.

7. Bring it on, everyone

Bhad Bhabie wants to bring it on

At 15 years of age, the rapper was already endorsed by CopyCat Beauty. She was ready to take on anyone, including Kylie Jenner and Rihanna in the world of cosmetics.

You really can’t fault her big heart but it would have sounded even better if she had some eyelashes and lipstick on. Just my 2 cents.

8. She has personal issues, too

Bhad Bhabie shares her personal issues

Like many young artists, Bhad Bhabie has her own demons when it comes to fame and public scrutiny on social media. But at least she is willing to talk about them, makeup-free!