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Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Kat Dennings

I have questioned Kat Dennings many times with respect to her attractive face and curvaceous body.

Surely, I can’t be the only one wondering if she has gotten plastic surgery. Just look at her!

We need some answers.

Has Kat Dennings had a nose job?

Kat Dennings nose job before and after comparison photo

If you look closely, there is a small dent on the left side of Kat’s nose.

It is still there today so if she did have a nose job, I’m sure it would have been fixed.

This is a “no” from me.

Did Kat fix her teeth?

Kat Dennings teeth before and after comparison photo

I don’t see any shape or size changes here and there is still a small gap between her front teeth.

What I do notice though is how yellow Kat’s teeth used to be.

So, she definitely had teeth whitening done and that’s pretty much it.

Did Kat have breast implants?

Kat Dennings breast implants before and after comparison photo

Kat posted this throwback picture of herself a while ago.

I think this is enough to tell us that she never had a boob job. Her breasts are real. They are not implants and I will leave it at that.

Did she get a butt lift?

Kat Dennings butt lift before and after comparison photo

There is nothing going on with Kat’s butt.

Her curves turn out to be a natural gift and was never enchanced. I’m sure she works out a lot though.

Final Thoughts

Well, I guess these pictures have told us everything we needed to know.

It appears that Kat has never had cosmetic surgery and I can’t say I was totally shocked. Maybe a little surprising.

She is simply a gorgeous lady.

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