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10 Latest Pictures of Adele Without Makeup

By Siena Mason


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She doesn’t go makeup-free in public often but Adele is never shy to show her most natural face to the world either.

I don’t think the singer looks that much different though.

You can certainly recognize her.

See it for yourself.

1. Crying and apologizing

Adele apologizing to her fans

I’m sure most Adele fans will remember this picture where she apologized for postponing her Las Vegas residency.

It looks genuine to me since she was crying and had no makeup on.

2. Drinking behind a face lace

Adele drinking behind face lace

There is nothing better than having a glass of white wine while taking a selfie. That face lace is just a way to cover her bare face I believe.

3. Black and white portrait without makeup

Adele black and white portrait without makeup

This is exactly what it is.

A black and white portrait and I like it!

4. It’s getting hot in here

Adele getting hot with fan on hand and no makeup

Well, I guess Adele looks just as hot with or without makeup.

5. Getting emotional again

Adele getting emotional

Don’t ask me why Adele is getting emotional here, again.

I have no idea.

6. Showing off her curly hair

Adele with curly hair and no makeup

It’s one thing showing off your beautiful curly hair but doing it with no makeup just took her gorgeousness to another level.

7. Looking adorable with little help

Adele looking adorable without makeup

She doesn’t need her eyeshadows, mascara, or concealer. In fact, Adele doesn’t need any help and she looks just as adorable!

8. Sitting on the beach

Adele sitting on the beach

While the singer may not be having a swim, she is definitely enjoying her time at the beach.

9. Heading to the gym

Adele heading to the gym

How else do you think she got so fit?

10. She is feeling great

Adele is feeling great

You can tell by Adele’s makeup-less face how good she is feeling. I’m so happy for her!

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