Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

With such a pretty face and a killer bod, it’s easy to see why Alexis Ren ticks every box to be an Instagram model.

So you can’t really blame me for doing this.

I know you won’t.

Before and After Pictures

Yes, I’m suspecting Alexis of getting plastic surgeries and if you are also thinking the same, just thank me later!

Did Alexis Ren have botox?

Did Alexis Ren have botox?

Since Alexis is only in her early 20s with minimal wrinkles, so I had to focus on her laugh lines here to look for clues.

For now, there are no signs of botox usage and I’m not all that surprised. At her age, she shouldn’t be going anywhere near face fillers anyway.

Has Alexis had lip injections?

Has Alexis Ren had lip injections?

To me, both her top and lower lips look fuller here.

This indicates that Alexis might be getting lip injections and if this is true, I actually think they look great!

Otherwise, I’d love to know what lipstick she is using to achieve that sexy look.

Did Alexis Ren get breast implants?

Did Alexis Ren get breast implants?

I’ll probably be lying if I said Alexis didn’t have breast implants.

Surely, there are tricks for models to make their boobs look bigger on cameras but I don’t think this is it. She’s turned up the heat by 100 degrees here.

What do you think?

Did Ren have a nose job?

Did Alexis Ren have a nose job?

This one was easy.

It’s a NO for me.

Final Thoughts

Although the model has never admitted it, I doubt anyone would be surprised if Alexis Ren really did get help from cosmetic surgeons.

I mean…just look at her.

This girl is incredibly hot!


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