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10 Beautiful Blackpink Jennie Makeup-Free Photos

By Siena Mason


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I’ve been a big fan of Blackpink lately.

These Korean Kpop girls are absolutely beautiful. One member in particular caught my eyes and that is Jennie Kim. I just love her style, her moves, and of course, her makeup.

But what happens when she is makeup-free?

Let’s have a look.

1. Cute face looks good with any glasses

Blackpink Jennie has a cute face and looks good with any glasses

After seeing this photo, I have come to a conclusion.

When you have a cute face like Jennie, it doesn’t matter what type of eyeglasses you wear, or if you have eyeshadow or not. You still look good!

2. Eating noodles

Blackpink Jennie eating noodles

Who can resist Korean instant noodles?

Not Blackpink.

3. Keeping it real with Lisa

Blackpink Jennie keeping it real with Lisa

I’m not sure what Jennie was doing with Lisa here, but looks like they were trying to keep it real by taking some ‘no makeup’ selfies.

4. Blending in with nature

Blackpink Jennie blending in with nature

When you are surrounded by nature, you really don’t want to be covered in foundation and mascaras. You want to look natural and blend in, just like Jennie Kim.

5. I love dumplings

Blackpink Jennie love to eat dumplings

Of course she loves fried dumplings.

Who doesn’t, right?

6. Korean sleeping beauty

Blackpink Jennie is a Korean sleeping beauty

If sleeping beauty was South Korean, I think I have found her right here.

7. Learning to cook

Blackpink Jennie learning to cook

When Jennie gets into the kitchen and puts on her apron without makeup, you know she is serious about cooking.

Has she found the recipe yet?

8. Nose Piercing

Young Blackpink Jennie with nose piercing

I know she was young, but did the singer have a nose piercing back then?

Maybe it was just a stuck on. I don’t know.

9. Very long hair

Blackpink Jennie with very long hair

Here is another picture of a younger Jennie with very long hair.

I’d say it’s all the way down to her belly button.

10. Waist of a human

Blackpink Jennie has a slim waist that doesn't belong to human

Let’s forget about her bare face here.

That slim waistline doesn’t belong to a human. I’m sure.

(Photo sources: Instagram @ jennierubyjane)

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