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10 Natural Mila Kunis Without Makeup Photos

By Siena Mason


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Mila Kunis Without Makeup

I did not expect this.

At first, I thought Mila Kunis would look totally unrecognizable without makeup but it turns out that I was wrong.

Her natural bare face actually looks very pretty.

See for yourself.

1. Near The Beach

Mila Kunis near the beach

I think Mila must have just returned from her swim at the beach.

While the view was gorgeous, so was her makeup-free face!

2. She needs a coffee

Mila Kunis needs a coffee

Whatever the reason was, Mila looked tired and she needed that coffee!

3. Spotted the camera

Mila Kunis spotted the camera

Although Mila spotted the camera, it didn’t seem to faze her, even when she had no makeup on.

4. During her pregnancy

Mila Kunis pregnant

Remember the time when she was pregnant and couldn’t be bothered to wear any eyeshadow? Here you go.

5. This is what she looks like with glasses

Mila Kunis with glasses

I had no idea that Mila was shortsighted, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her in glasses. She looks good though!

6. Young and Natural

Mila Kunis young and natural

Isn’t it great being young?

She looks beautiful with or without makeup!

7. Fixing her hair on the street

Mila Kunis fixing her hair

I’m not sure where Mila was rushing to but since she left the concealer at home and had to fix her hair on the street, it must be urgent.

8. She is NOT a drug addict

Mila Kunis as a drug addict in Four Good Days

Don’t worry guys.

Mila was simply playing a junkie character in the movie, Four Good Days.

9. Staying hydrated is the key

Mila Kunis is staying hydrated by drinking lots of water

Even with no makeup, Mila’s skin looks radiant and that’s because she drinks a lot of water.

10. Keeping warm in a beanie

Mila Kunis keeping herself warm in a beanie

It must be really cold outside. That’s why the actress had to wear a beanie to keep herself warm. She didn’t put on lipstick either.

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