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Megan Fox Debuts Platinum Hair and It Looks Very Familiar

By Kass Barrera


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Did you see Megan Fox’s new gray hair color?

Does it look familiar to you?

Come on…think!

Megan Fox gray hair color
Instagram @ meganfox

I’m sure you have seen it somewhere.

While Megan was totally unrecognizable debuting her platinum hair, she reminded me of someone else. Someone who also happens to be very famous.

Does Kim Kardashian ring any bells?

That’s right.

If I remember correctly, the lovely Kim K once broke the internet when she posted her wavy silver hair on Instagram.

Kind of similar to what Megan has done here.

Kim Kardashian with silver platinum hair
Instagram @ kimkardashian

To be clear, Kim has never filed for a trademark on this particular hairstyle, but in case you didn’t know, whatever style Kim posts on social media just seems to belong to her.

It’s funny, I know.

But that’s just how the internet works.

Let’s put them side by side

Megan Fox vs Kim Kardashian in grey hair

Now, I’m not saying that Fox has copied her.

Even though their eye makeup and lipstick look eerily similar, Megan’s hair color is actually leaning toward the platinum blonde side, and Kim is more on the ash grey side.

This is made clear when you put them together side by side.

But regardless, I think they both look stunning!

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