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9 Beautiful Kehlani Short Hair Photos Revealed

By Siena Mason


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It really suits her!

Yes, I’m talking about Kehlani with short hair and it’s almost ridiculous how beautiful she looks wearing them.

If you haven’t seen them, then check it out below.

1. Like a doll with afro

Kehlani looks like a doll with afro
Instagram @ Kehlani

I’m not even joking but Kehlani looks like one of those Barbie dolls with a short afro. Simply gorgeous!

2. If she was a business woman

Kehlani business woman look

If Kehlani was a businesswoman, this would be her everyday hairstyle.

It looks clean and professional.

3. American Chun Li

Kehlani the American Chun Li
Instagram @ Kehlani

Hey guys, if you remember Chun Li from the famous Street Fighter game, I think I have found the American version.

Those mini buns make her look tough and unbeatable!

4. The Wet Hair Look

Kehlani wet hair look

The way Kehlani’s wet hair is combed back makes her look so hot!

Nothing else to say here.

5. Hawaiian Beauty

Kehlani looks like a Hawaiian beauty

It’s that easy.

All the singer has to do is put a tropical flower on her head and she will look like a Hawaii beauty. But that’s only because she is a beauty.

6. Short Blonde

Kehlani with short blonde

Okay, we all know that Kehlani loves her short hairstyles but the blonde touch took it to another level. It is truly refreshing if you ask me.

7. Trippy Butterfly

Kehlani trippy butterfly
Instagram @ Kehlani

Let’s ignore her tattoos and those stunning wavy curls, what caught my attention are those addon butterflies.

So trippy!

8. Closing her eyes

Kehlani closing her eyes
Instagram @ Kehlani

This curly pixie cut kind of reminds me of Halle Berry.

Yes, they both look beautiful regardless if their eyes are opened or closed.

9. Nice and formal

Kehlani looking nice and formal

In this one, Kehlani keeps her hair nice and tidy by going with a straight bob cut.

I really like the purplish-brown color and how she kept the fringe to one side. It looks very formal and elegant at the same time.

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