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Sorry James Charles, we all knew your bald head was a prank!

By Kass Barrera


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About 5 days ago, James Charles shocked his Instagram followers by posting a picture of himself with a bald head. The internet literally went crazy.

James Charles bald head instagram photo
This was the picture that caused a stir (Instagram @ jamescharles)

However, not everyone was buying it, including myself.

Today, the truth finally came out and we were right! This was all fake and Jame’s alleged shaved head was nothing more than a prank.

Watch the video below and see how he did it.

Nonetheless, I think James has done an incredible job with this prank and I honestly don’t think anyone can do better.

The way he used makeup to cover that bald cap was also brilliant. If this was anyone else, they could have easily pulled this prank off.

James Charles bald head makeup
James used makeup to cover his bald cap.

The only problem was…Charles, we all knew how much you love your hair.

Sorry, nothing personal.

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