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13 Stunning Gal Gadot Hair Ideas You Can Try

By Kass Barrera


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Gal Gadot

We all know that Gal Gadot is stunning.

But apart from her pretty face, her hair plays an important role too.

Just like these ones.

1. Ponytail is not just for little girls

Gal Gadot with ponytail

Yes, ponytails can look good on a woman too and Gal has shown us how.

2. Short wavy hair looks fresh

Gal Gadot with short wavy hair

This short and wavy hairstyle certainly looks fresh on her.

3. Medium wavy hair with highlights

Gal Gadot with medium wavy hair

This is one of my favorite Gal Gadot hairstyles and those light brown highlights just made her tresses look even cuter!

4. Shoulder length wavy hair

Gal Gadot wavy shoulder length hair

This long wavy hair just makes Gal’s face look so sweet, don’t you agree?

5. Keeping it curly for Israel

Gal Gadot with wet curly hair

When Gal entered the beauty pageant for Israel, she chose a wet and curly hairstyle. I almost couldn’t recognize her.

6. Hair bun can be so fun

Gal Gadot hair bun

The actress kept it clean and fun with this updo hair bun.

7. Wonder Woman Hairstyle

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Hair

I can almost guarantee you that this is the most powerful hairstyle in the world and it belongs to Wonder Woman.

8. Long Mullet

Gal Gadot with long mullet

Never thought I would see the actress wear a mullet in my life time and it definitely looks interesting on her.

9. Slick back hairdo

Gal Gadot slicked back hairdo

This slicked-back style does look really cool on her. It matched her smokey eyes perfectly!

10. Curtain bangs are not bad

Gal Gadot with curtain bangs

I know Gal usually keeps her hair on one side. It’s nice but I kind of like this middle part haircut too. The layered ends make her look so cute.

11. Taking the red carpet with bouncy curls

Gal Gadot red carpet bouncy curls hairstyle

Gal has certainly light up the red carpet with these bouncy shoulder-length curls. I wonder how much hairspray was used?

12. Side-parted straight bob haircut

Gal Gadot side-parted straight bob haircut

Personally, I love this collarbone length straight bob on Gal and I think it’s her best hairstyle. The way her fringe is side-parted revealing her forehead is beyond gorgeous.

13. Very short and refreshing

Gal Gadot with very short hair

This is perhaps Gal’s shortest hair to date. She was obviously younger but the messy layers look very stylish on her.

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