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30 Tribal Braids Hairstyles You Will Surely Love

By Emma Menzie


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Braided hairdos are perhaps the oldest method of hair styling and also one of the most effective ways to showcase your originality. According to historians, braids were “in style” as far back as 2000 B.C. and stretched all the way to Africa, where they were associated with innovation and craftsmanship.

To be fair, the same holds true in 2022, considering the variety of interesting and truly imaginative ways to rock the look. If they have lasted until our time, they surely represent something remarkable, don’t you believe?

Each season, internationally recognized designers play with braids at their runway shows, photographs of knots get more likes than those of any other hairdo, and Youtube videos with braiding techniques generate millions of hits. Why? Perhaps because this is a fairly versatile look, ranging from extremely detailed shapes to basic plaits.

That unruly ponytail served you well. For quite some time, that messy, drizzled bun worked fine, but it’s screaming to be gone. And if you’re a fan of straight hair, please just put away the flat iron; heat is seriously damaging your hair and will be at an all-time peak during summer.

Seeking new inspirational ideas? We’ve compiled a list of 30 tribal braids hairstyles that will make you fall head over heels, and we’ve chosen the best images from leading hairstylists and adorable Instagrammers around the world. Read on to discover them and tell us which one you would try.

30. Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids
@_delizzle / instagram.com

Pop Smoke braids are a protective hairstyle named after the eponymous legendary rapper. This hairdo is quite adaptable and may be worn in a myriad of lengths by men and women. Moreover, it may be altered to fit distinct hair textures and shapes. Made with stitch-in knots, it includes a central split with four feed-in braids on either side of the head.

29. Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids
@alexandranoticia / instagram.com

Beyonce made Lemonade braids popular when she wore them on the cover of her chart-topping album “Lemonade”. The technique entails generating tidy, uniform, and compact cornrows that go from left to right, rather than backward.

Lemonade braids are highly customizable and may have any length or thickness, but can also be combined with other cornrow patterns such as zig-zag or adorned with beads.

28. Partial Cornrows

Partial Cornrows
@gabunion / instagram.com

Partial cornrows are a terrific idea for women who wish their hairdo would grab attention. For this style, braids are used only on a small portion of the hair, which stands out nicely against the rest of the abundant strands. For added bells and whistles, wrap some braids around a ponytail or bun.

27. Micro Box Braids

Micro Box Braids
via sensationnel.com

Micro braids are exactly what they sound like: nano plaits of any length that resemble threads. This effortless look was pioneered by Rihanna, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Zoe Kravitz, and Nicki Minaj as they strolled down the red carpet flaunting their spectacular hairdos. Since then, many other women have joined the mini-braid craze.

If you’re on the lookout for a show-stopping, long-battle protective coiffure that’s bound to boost your vibe, we’re confident micro braids will become your new preferred hairstyle as well.

26. Bobbed Box Braids

Bobbed Box Braids
@melviee / instagram.com

The vibe of the 1990s appears to be everlasting. It’s almost as if we barely left the era, with slip dresses, mules, and oversized jackets to mohawk cuts and red lips. Bob braids are no different. There’s a “je ne sais quoi” about the aesthetic of bobbed box braids that has us itching to contact our hairstylist immediately.

Shorter braids do not imply a lack of inventiveness or intensity. Bob braids can be done in a range of styles and take less time to complete than traditional, long plaits. And with Moesha’s return to Netflix, we have never seen so much enthusiasm for this kind of hairdo.

25. Triangle Part Tribal Braids

Triangle Part Tribal Braids
@indiebombdotcom / instagram.com

If you’re an all-time braids person, there are guaranteed to be moments when you become tired of them. You are hesitant to break free from your plaits just because you cherish them so much. Nevertheless, please allow us to introduce you to triangular braids.

You may be wondering what it means. Well, the pseudonym comes from the pattern of the hair divisions. Instead of having square boxes or uneven layouts, triangles are used to make the sections, which creates an interesting hairdo that will revitalize your look right away.

24. Tribal Braid Afro Puff

Tribal Braid Afro Puff
via naturalbabydol.com

Are you interested in a more flamboyant afro puff style that might reflect your personality and ethos? This is it! The afro puff adds passion and boldness to your look, while the braided cornrows on the side give it a traditional touch.

Although afro puffs originated in the 1960s, they remain one of the finest, fast and easy hairstyles currently available. Whether your hair is flat or curly, you can recreate this shape using only a few products that you doubtless already own.

To get a real afro hairdo, plait the top piece of hair to the length you want, then ponytail the rest. Next, using a wide-tooth brush or comb, bend your hair to add thickness and eventually create the puff.

23. Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Braids
@x_kea / instagram.com

The days of uniform braids have passed us by. There are currently so many versions of this hairstyle that it is almost hard to keep track. However, bohemian plaits are just box braids with unfinished curls at the ends, which make the hair look fuller and thicker.

To create this design, you have to interweave only the first few inches and let the remainder of the hair be unbound and wavy. Bohemian braids are ideal for those who enjoy long braids because they are lightweight and allow you to style the curly ends however you like. Perfect!

22. Tribal Braids With Cuffs, Rings, and Cords

Tribal Braids With Cuffs
@afrodreads_ / instagram.com

Golden rings create the illusion of a true tribal princess, and, for sure, you’re ready to be the empress of the moment. However, being a little whimsical and adding extra hair accessories like cords and cuffs gives your look a classy finish.

When worn with braids, this combo provides a dazzling and original effect, as the metallic texture of the rings and the warm colors of the cord clash wonderfully with black hair. Plus, you can easily switch out the accessories for a diverse image at any time, as they are not knotted into your hair.

21. Half Knot Indigo

Half Knot Indigo
via hairdohairstyle.com

Though the indigo blue is powerful, it glows so vividly that it’s initially difficult to accept its complexity. But once the sunlight passes down on the scenario depicted above, one thing will be obvious: indigo hairstyles with ethnic twists and half-knots are a fascinating look.

While half-bun hairstyles appear to be extremely simple, they require some skill. Rather than instantly twisting your hair into a bun, split the hair on top into a snug ponytail and tie it with a band.

20. Zig-Zag Tribal Braids

Zig-Zag Tribal Braids
@braidedbynicks / instagram.com

This is another hairstyle with box braids on either side of the head, but the middle of the hairline section is a tad unusual, creating a zig-zag effect. In this case, braids focus entirely on the scalp, which is an excellent way to have some fun while also expressing your artistic side. Additionally, this style is adaptable to a variety of hair textures and lengths.

19. Dual Layered Braids

Dual Layered Braids
@ghanabraidstyles / instagram.com

An innovative and stylish hairdo that works beautifully at any celebration, yet also on an informal basis. It features outstanding ethnic braids that, alongside originality, give a drop-dead gorgeous look. To create dual-layered braids, separate the hair into two sections and weave it in a matching slant next to the scalp on one side and in reverse on the other.

18. Tribal Braids Bun

Tribal Braids Bun
Yeluchi by Un-ruly

Another hairstyle we’d like to suggest is this fabulous braided bun. Few women are aware that braids are also suited for special ceremonies such as nuptials. For a sophisticated style, create a timeless bun with your thick braids and embellish it with gold filigree. It takes time but looks so impressive and elegant.

Hence, a braided updo will save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration. Plus, the most important thing is that this appealing and refined hairdo will complement any of your attire at any time of year.

17. Mixed Halo Braids

Mixed Halo Braids
via mckenzierenae.com

Are you seeking a hairdo that is both captivating and original? No need to search any further, as this mixed halo braid hairstyle is the ideal method to obtain a playful, zesty appearance. It combines two or more different braiding techniques, which work well together and give the look of something messy but sophisticated.

Halo braids are plaits that resemble a crown on your head and are a go-to crisis hairstyle that will keep you looking as fashionable as ever. It is an extremely versatile coiffure that will complement even your most exquisite gown.

16. Tribal Braids Ponytail

Tribal Braids Ponytail
@melforddivashair / instagram.com

We don’t know about you, but we’ve grown tired of plain ponytails, whether high or low. Enter: the braided ponytail! You can wear it to formal events, such as a friend’s wedding, for a stroll at the mall, to casual weekend activities, such as your neighbor’s cookout, or maybe for a long-awaited summer holiday to remove those locks from your face.

Braids and tails are appropriate for any circumstance. On top of that, you can design an endless array of hairstyles. While it takes a great deal of skill and care to achieve an outstanding braided ponytail hairdo, the outcome is well worth the effort thanks to its low maintenance requirements.

15. Double Crochet Braids

Double Crochet Braids
Royal Hairs / facebook.com

You’re probably familiar with how extensions are normally sewn into your locks. Crochet braids, as the moniker implies, are made of synthetic hair that is crocheted into your natural tresses. They are an excellent protective styling alternative since they allow you to experiment with hair color, volume, structure, and shapes without interfering with your original hair texture.

Sophisticated brown and black ethnic braids are now possible thanks to the use of dual crochet braids. To give the hairdo a more innate appearance, tint the front strands brown and leave the rest of them in black.

14. Tribal Braid with Beads

Tribal Braid with Beads
via styleinterest.com

Are you trying to find a way to jazz up your braided hairdos? Have you ever thought about donning beads? Although beads help you assert yourself and make your look more appealing, they are much more than that.

Beads have their origins in African tradition, where they fulfill a specific role and are used to pay homage to one’s forefathers. They have been used to denote a social position, marital status, and a myriad of other things.

There are several types of beads, notably crystal and hardwood, most of them in vibrant shades, each with its own remarkable finish and twist. Rock plaits with beads in a mild way or make a statement; the choice is yours.

13. Three-Layer Braids

Three-Layer Braids
@jasmeannnn / instagram.com

What could be cooler than the classic braided hairstyle? What about a woven look with three layers? Believe us when we say that if you’re searching for some originality in your coiffure, you’re going to worship this trend.

Layers will provide the proper level of thickness, and as with any feed-in technique, there will be plenty of room to experiment with length and color. Just remember to eliminate any unwanted split ends. You don’t want them to withhold the beauty of your final appearance. After the plait is complete, take a pair of scissors and clean up any remaining hair.

12. Side Part Tribal Braids

Side Part Tribal Braids
@jheneaiko / instagram.com

Changing your appearance doesn’t necessarily require a salon appointment. A protective hairstyle always gives an instant glam finish. Adding a side braid can spice things up and help you easily switch up your style with a delicate and girly look.

Hairdos with a side part complement rectangular and diamond face shapes since they tend to emphasize your eyes and cheeks while highlighting your pointy jawline. Without causing irreversible damage to your natural hair, you can have a tint of gold in your locks. Complete the picture with other accessories such as beads or a hair clips.

11. Medium Tribal Braids

Medium Tribal Braids
@calicurls / instagram.com

If you’re not a fan of long hair due to its heavy upkeep requirements, we get it. You’re not alone. So, choose medium length as your magic bullet. While long and short haircuts may come and go in prominence, mid-hairstyles will always be chic and sophisticated.

Therefore, what if you combined that refinement with a weaving style from a bygone area? Medium tribal braids are fun and will give you the chance to embrace a charmingly feminine state of being.

10. Round Over Braids

Round Over Braids
via stylesweekly.com

Following traditional methods, you may be as inventive as you please with round-over braided hairdos, which are basically a mashup of several cornrow designs. To rock this hairstyle, form a tiny top flick braid across both ends.

Then, beginning at the back of the neck, form a long braid and wrap it around the opposite side. Likewise, apply another small strand, followed by a thick knot to complete the look. For a glamorous effect, after rounding over, fasten the braid with hair clips.

9. Senegalese Tribal Braids

Senegalese Tribal Braids
via thetrendspotter.net

Senegalese braids are a renowned protective hairdo among natural hair enthusiasts for which each section requires simply two strands twisted around one another. Hair is carefully hidden away and resembles a rope, so this technique is frequently referred to as “rope twists.”

Senegalese twists can be styled up or down, worn whether for work or fun, and they are a must-have when you need something quick, playful, and in vogue.

8. Feed-in Braids

Feed-in Braids
@pearlthestylist_ / instagram.com

Comparable to its renowned sister style, box braids, feed-in braids are rapidly gaining popularity on Instagram as the optimum protective hairstyle.

This technique gained its nickname due to the procedure of “feeding-in” sections of hair to the main strand for it to progressively expand while preserving a more natural hairline aspect, especially when using synthetic locks.

Another ace in the hole? Because the size of your plait gradually scales, it shields your edges from severe tension caused by heavy extensions.

7. Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids
Zendaya’s Jumbo Box Braids / allure.com

If you’re searching for a dauntless braid design, jumbo box braids are it. With these hefty plaits, you will definitely be in the spotlight. Not only are they quicker to apply and remove than conventional box braids, but they also provide the ideal backdrop for showcasing vibrant new hair colors or embellishments like rings, gems, and beads.

Oversized box braids are an excellent candidate if your hair is already thick or if you are willing to add extensions to make fuller strands.

6. Goddess Tribal Braids

Goddess Tribal Braids
@ameliamonet / instagram.com

If you’re unsure of what goddess braids are, here’s a clue: they are similar to traditional protective cornrows, except bigger and bulkier. Both hairstyles are interwoven close to the skin, with different styling options for the ends. In any case, goddess braids are an outstanding tribal hairdo that we adore.

They can be styled in a plethora of ways, perfect for any occasion; you can go straight from the gym to work and then downtown for cocktails while protecting your hair and looking snazzy. Another advantage? Thanks to their larger volume, they require less effort to create than box braids or cornrows.

Take 30 minutes to several hours, based on your hairstylist’s skills and the complexity of the design.

5. Cornrow Tribal Braids

Cornrow Tribal Braids
@freshlengths / instagram.com

Tribal braided cornrows are an enticing and unusual coiffure for women who want a daredevil look and wish to express themselves via their unconventional demeanor. This hairstyle is usually made up of a lot of small, three-strand braids that are woven together close to the scalp.

In fact, the primary distinction between cornrows and other braids is that you cross the sections under, not above, to make them stand out on the head. Simply put, cornrows are weaved downward, creating a sleeker, smoother appearance. Take it to a bun and the whole look is even more alluring. 

4. Ghana Braids

Ghana Braids
@hairbossboutiquefab / instagram.com

Ghana braids are a traditional African form of protective cornrow braids. What distinguishes them from other knots is the use of hair extensions for a thicker look. This means that no matter what kind of face shape you have, these braids can be ingeniously twisted into a wide variety of styles that can be used to lighten and harmonize your traits.

Furthermore, if desired, you can merge multiple hair extension colors for an extravagant and interesting appearance. Just remember to moisturize your hair prior to weaving to ensure an easier braiding procedure.

3. Box Tribal Braids

Box Tribal Braids
via emanagreen.com

Box braids are plaits that are typically broken down into several squared-off sections and are available in a variety of lengths, sizes, and colors. The best thing about these braids is that, unlike cornrows, they can be twisted into a myriad of different shapes.

While it may require some time to accomplish the style, the result will be stunning and will last for months. Box braids are created by initially sectioning the hair into distinct boxes, which can be small, medium, or large.

Once the box has been established, the locks in each section must be divided into three equal subsets and knotted at the ends. Repeat this tactic until the entire hair is weaved.

2. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids
@fiere_ebene / instagram.com

Fulani braids, originally coined by the Fulani tribe of Africa, are fashioned by interweaving thin to medium braids in rows along the sides of the head, exposing a central twist at the top. The core braid is then accessorized with beads and rings, although hair cuffs are also a stylish alternative.

Cicely Tyson, the legendary actress, became one of the first women to sport Fulani braids on red carpets in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as on the front of JET Magazine. Alicia Keys popularized the look further when she wore it on the cover of her breakthrough album “Songs in A Minor.”

1. Bantu Knots Tribal Braids

Bantu Knots Tribal Braids
@thaynarosaiam / instagram.com

Bantu knots are among the most attractive hairstyles available, and you’ve probably spotted them on some of your beloved celebrities, including Beyonce. Even though Bantu knots are awesome on their own, have you ever imagined ramping up this protective style a level or two?

While the look is timeless, since it dates back literally thousands of years, it does not entail you having to set it up in the same old fashion every single time. Therefore, geometric braids, colored braids, and fine cornrows help to create an eye-catching hairdo.

Rather than twisting your hair into buns, braid it first and then twist. This technique leads to a fantastic, textured finish with increased sharpness. Moreover, as you untangle your hair, you can foresee beautiful curls.

Final Words

Tribal Braids
Brock Wegner / unsplash.com

Every day, the ever-changing world of beauty spawns new fads, and it’s hard to put up with the countless hairdo patterns that rise and fall over the years. However, one thing is certain: braids have been a mainstay hairstyle for what feels like an eternity.

The reason why we love braids so much is the practically infinite styling possibilities they provide. From box braids to Ghana braids, jumbo braids, and even Senegalese twists, you can experiment and let your inventive juices flow. Luckily, you have the aforementioned 30 tribal braided hairstyles that might have given you some ideas.

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