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25 Best E-girl Hairstyles to Rock in 2023

By Emma Menzie


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Taking into account that last year’s Saturday night party involved mostly Netflix and Chill, it is quite obvious why tendencies were primarily focused on harnessing a natural appearance and fuss-free hairdos. Luckily, 2023 is shaping up to be anything but this, and it promises to be the time of our lives.

Even if you usually play it safe, free minor tweaks like summer ombre nails, an eccentric make-up style, or an entirely new haircut are just what the doctor ordered to get our spirits back on track.

E-girls are one of the latest crazes to have surfaced on the Internet. These ladies are charming daredevils, and thanks to TikTok, they have emerged as the most prominent streaming subculture. Even though their looks are vibrant and bold, the souls who rock them are expected to maintain an aura of purity in their demeanor.

Therefore, we believe this hairstyle might be a stunning alternative for any woman, regardless of whether she identifies herself as an E-girl by design or simply enjoys dabbling in everything that is going viral.

So, are you interested in giving it a shot but aren’t sure where to begin? In the following sections, we’ll go over what the E-girl hair phenomenon entails, how to pull it off, and what kinds of hairstyles you may sport to flaunt your fresh vibe.

What Does E-girl Mean?

What Does E-girl Mean
@rachelteetyler / instagram.com

E-girls are a counterculture that began on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram and is frequently characterized as a combination of Emo, Gothic, and Japanese Harajuku trends, embraced by women who spend a significant amount of time on the internet. Did you get it? What does the E stand for? Come on, guys, it’s not that hard! ELECTRONIC!

Taken from the Asian cultural heritage, the E-girl aesthetic is driven by anime, k-pop, and manga. E-girls are distinguished by their oversized attire, quirky wigs, bold and vibrant hair colors, as well as thick eyeshadow.

E-girls have no fear of doing new things, breaking boundaries, or exploring. They are adventurous, entertaining, and powerful. Thus, this outward show is not only about being special but also about showing to the entire society that you are the top dog of your destiny and are not reluctant to express your personality.

What Is E-girl Hairstyle?

What is E-girl Hairstyle
@xostylistxo / instagram.com

In stark contrast with the easygoing, plain-girl aura of VSCO girls, E-girls are audacious and mischievous. So, E-girl hairstyles must be rebellious and creative, with two-toned color schemes, pastel bangs, chunky streaks, or highly embellished Y2K-inspired haircuts, all with a soft glam touch.

Think purple hair, neon green highlights, pigtails, braids, anything your soul wishes can be implemented to pull off the latest hot E-girl hairstyles seen on social networks.

How to Achieve E-girl Hair at Home

How to Achieve E-girl Hair at Home
@sandrabulldock / instagram.com

If you’ve wanted to dabble with hair colors but haven’t had the confidence to do so, now is the moment. Obviously, we would never recommend dying your hair at home, but if you insist, this might be a good starting point. So, these are the most important steps you have to follow in order to do E-girl hair by yourself.

  • Step 1

Separate your hair into sections. Use a tail comb to create a center part on your head, and then establish the necessary highlight thickness. After selecting your slice, lock the remaining hair out of your face with a hairband or clamps.

  • Step 2

Continue applying the bleach on the selected strips with care, avoiding other locks. Let the roots go last, as the hair in these areas is more fragile and it also tends to decolor very rapidly.

After that, allow the substance to thrive for up to 45 minutes while monitoring its development every 5 minutes. Keep in mind that the amount of time it takes to get rid of color depends a lot on the texture and original shade of your hair.

  • Step 3

Once the locks have acquired a uniform light yellow from roots to ends, carefully wash the hair.

  • Step 4

This is the exciting part! Time to paint your hair. Put the color on the previously bleached areas, taking care to comply with the instructions written on your hair dye box. You may choose any shade, but make sure it contrasts significantly with your natural locks. Bear in mind: the more audacious, the greater!

  • Step 5

Put your hair up in a neat style. We are sure you already have a particular aesthetic in mind. If not, you can take cues from the E-girl hairstyles we will outline in the following rundown.

  • Step 6

Make a TikTok and learn how to live your E-girl life to the fullest.

That being said, buckle up, ladies, because there’s a lot to decide from. You’ll have plenty of screenshots to present to your hairstylist once you’ve finished this list. Now, scroll down to discover the 25 best E-girl hairstyles to rock this year.

25. Wolf Cut

E Girl Wolf Cut
@cathywolf / instagram.com

Have you ever sported a wolf cut before? If not, would you be open to giving it a test run? This is the bolder, definitely edgier rendition of the mullet, and it has been viewed more than 1.2 billion times on TikTok thus far.

A wolf cut is a hairstyle with a lot of amplitude around the top of the head, and it gets progressively thinner as it draws near the tip, where there is significantly less volume. It is indeed a hard cut to accomplish, but simple to keep, which will give you that effortless E-girl appearance you’ve been looking for.

24. Colored Roots

Colored Roots E-Girl

This modern twist on the style dubbed “shadow roots” may not be as pragmatic as balayage, but it is, undoubtedly, darn cute. If the Billie Elish-inspired explosion of unforgettable neon colored roots is too much for you, you can have more subtle shades like cotton candy or lavender focused on the top couple of centimeters at the roots.

This way, you’ll boast a more mysterious, easily comfortable to wear, and viable look, perfect for E-girls who want a switch in color but don’t wish to spend an arm and a leg on their hairstyle.

23. Yellow and Orange E-girl Hair

Yellow and Orange E-girl Hair
@rosie.bellx / instagram.com

We can assure you that you’re not the only one who was inspired to dye their hair ginger by the “Queen’s Gambit”. However, what do you say about yellow and orange hair? This look will undoubtedly cause a stir. Having yellow hair is already empowering, but why not take it a step further with tangerine highlights? Just be prepared to turn heads!

Nonetheless, don’t forget that stunning hues like these require a significant investment, both in time to achieve and in maintenance costs.

22. Subtle E-girl Hair

Subtle e girl hairstyle
@onehairstopindia / instagram.com

If you are searching for a softer finish, then you will love the way subtle tones mix seamlessly with your tresses. To create this hairstyle, simply choose a hue that is a tint or two brighter than your hair color.

This look is not only for E-girls; anyone, regardless of their tastes, can sport this style provided the mix is flawless and a tone-on-tone result is achieved. It is light and delicate with just the right amount of oomph.

21. Purple & Green E-girl Hair

Purple & Green E-girl Hair
@xostylistxo / instagram.com

Complimentary shades, such as purple and green, really shine out next to one another. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that this is a blatant mix and, to be frank, somewhat dicey.

However, if you have the guts to wear hues that demand careful balancing and a great deal of boldness, we can’t imagine a more seductive combo of hair colors to pursue.

20. Money Piece Hair

Money Piece E Girl Hair
@matt.swinney / instagram.com

Money pieces, which involve bleaching the front streaks of hair on both parts of your face, do an excellent job of illuminating your skin and emphasizing your features. Remember that after you achieve the style you want, it’s crucial to nurture it.

Your highlights should be touched up every six to eight weeks, and it’s important to use a shampoo made for colored hair to keep the shades looking bright.

19. Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo E girl Hair

Peekaboo highlights are colored stripes tucked discreetly beneath the top layer of your mane that aren’t visible when your hair is left loose. This highlighting method is great for E-girls who need to be polished yet still want to showcase their wild and eccentric side.

It might be employed to achieve a broad range of styles, such as ombre, balayage, highlights, and lowlights. We propose rainbow peekaboo hair. What do you say? Yay or nay?

18. Colored Bangs

Colored Bangs E girl Hair

If you’re eager for something fresh and intriguing for your hair, colored dyed bangs are the way to go. You’ve probably seen lots of women sporting vividly colored fringes on Instagram lately, and it’s understandable: it’s a quick and uncomplicated way to give your tresses a splash of color without having to bleach them.

It’s also a remedy for E-girls whose hearts desperately need a reset. So, this time after a breakup, don’t rush to shave your head; instead, dye your bangs in a bold color to stand out and boost your confidence.

17. Fiery Red E-girl Streaks

Fiery Red E Girl Streaks

Choose a shade that is striking but discreet. Rather paradoxical, wouldn’t you say? Our favorite aspect of this style is that the vibrant color lends it a wild and free-spirited vibe, while in fact, this is one of the most conservative E-girl hairstyles out there.

Regardless of this, red streaks are impressive and exciting, and you will be crazy about how they reflect varied tones depending on the light.

16. Lavender E-girl Hair

Lavender E-Girl Hair
@Unique_donna / instagram.com

We understand you are skeptical about the lavender hair zeitgeist, but once you see how flawlessly E-girls rock their purple locks in a myriad of styles, you’ll be convinced. Violet tresses are dainty and ladylike, bringing gentleness and character to any look. 

This enticing color is quite diverse, ranging from dramatic metallic purple to subtle lilac tones. Everything is better in purple, right?

15. Soft Blue E-girl Hair

Soft Blue E-girl Hair
@theniksters / instagram.com

Choosing to color your hair in soft blue shades is not a piece of cake. You have to look deep inside yourself and decide if you’re really willing to dye your mane a totally abnormal yet incredibly appealing shade.

Baby blue peekaboo touches or aquamarine ombre hair are an excellent tactic to take out a touch of azure, while very daring women can dive in wholeheartedly with an all-blue pastel hairstyle. Another look that E-girls everywhere are fascinated by is the dark and light blue combo. Well, it seems like “to have the blues” just got a new meaning!

14. Single Streak

Single Streak E-Girl
@angel.iica / instagram.com

If you’re seeking to change your hair color but don’t want a drastic makeover, single streaks may be the aesthetic you didn’t even realize you craved.

Go for a fuchsia streak on blonde hair, a teal band on brown, or a white single stripe on black for an understated Cruella de Vil look. Or if you want to add zest to your appearance, try a neon-green chunky single streak. Freedom lies in being bold, you know?

13. Braided E-girl Hair

Braided E-girl Hair
@allie.xcx / instagram.com

Let your E-girl hair stripes take center stage with a brilliant spin on this TikTok hairstyle craze. Front-facing braids are the latest wrinkle, and we can’t get enough.

You could add extensions for extra length, or plait your own hair and thread multicolored ribbons, clips, or beads across it for a daring Y2K look with a twist, no irony intended.

12. Pastel Pink E-girl Hair

Pastel Pink E-girl Hair

While Lady Gaga’s pink hair is not as outrageous as Kate Moss’s in the 1990s, it is just as fierce and formidable.

A blush rose color is a sweet and delicate type of pink that is typically complemented by other brighter in-vogue hues, such as platinum blonde or even lavender, but it also looks second to none on its own.

Pastel pink E-girl hair matches every texture and complexion and is quite pretty. You only need the right amount of self-assurance to showcase it!

11. Mint Green E-girl Hair

Mint Green E-girl Hair

We’ve noticed the potential of bubblegum hair, lilac hair, and even magenta hair. But what about the other energizing shades prevalent in the spectrum? Namely, what do you think about mint green hair?

Opposite to the dyed hair trend of the 1980s, vibrant locks are no longer exclusive to punk artists. Nowadays, this has become a mainstream hue around E-girls because mint green can be as feminine and charming as you see fit. Consider styling it with wild beach waves for an up-to-date effect.

10. Butterfly clips

Butterfly Clips e girl hair

Whimsical and memorable, nineties fads encourage us to get adventurous with accessories and go beyond the laid-back hairstyle we have become wedded to. This nostalgia-calling-to-mind hair trend, that seems to hold sway on Instagram and TikTok, is a must-have look.

The best part, besides the premise that butterfly hair clips are currently gaining more and more steam, is that they may be applied to hairstyles you already know how to make for a chic uplift. It was about time these famous clips returned to the forefront of the main cultural trends. And how our hearts ached in their absence!

9. Dainty Streaks

Dainty Streaks
@sydneydlcruz / instagram.com

Take into account dainty streaks if you merely want to play around with the E-girl trend. Since this hairstyle includes dying just minor front strips of your hair, it is not as frightening as some other looks.

Rebel blonde or any other vibrant hue can be placed over any base color, but the clash of bright silver over a black foundation makes the effect even more thrilling and intense.

8. E-girl Pigtails

E-girl Pigtails
@aestdolls / instagram.com

The hairstyle we thought was a thing of the past once we reached adolescence is making a comeback.

It seems like pigtails are attracting increased attention among E-girls to a degree we haven’t witnessed since Britney Spears dazzled us with them in the legendary “Baby One More Time” music video, and Baby Spice practically rocked them as though it was her vocation.

Pigtails look fantastic and even more so when coupled with vibrantly colored hair streaks or curtain bangs.

7. Colored Curtain Bangs

Colored Curtain Bangs
@hanakanazu / instagram.com

Each period had a trademark hairstyle. The fifties were characterized by the bouffant, with its exaggerated volume and widespread use of hairspray. The sixties had the beehive, the seventies featured the shag, while the eighties involved mullet and tall mohawk styles. In the 1990s, curtain bangs were all the rage.

Don’t be fooled by the name! In this case, the subject is hair, not window drapes. The curtain hairstyle, in case you don’t remember, or perhaps you weren’t even born at the time, entailed a prominent middle part with a long, untidy fringe that cascaded like “curtains” on each side of the head. So, if you want to take things up a notch, dye your curtain bangs in bold shades.

6. Rainbow E-girl Hair

Rainbow E-girl Hair
@hairgod_zito / instagram.com

There’s just something so exhilarating about choosing a hairstyle that deviates from the norm, you know? And nothing takes a stand nearly as spectacular as a rainbow hairstyle. It’s not for nothing that Israel Kamakawiwo’ole said that somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true.

Therefore, if you’ve had your share of brown, red, and blonde hair colors, the time has come to get off the beaten track and go with something completely original like this hairstyle. There are designs and color schemes that will match your eye color, complexion, outfit, and everything in between.

You can channel your inner E-girl and dye your hair in every color of the spectrum, from intense, deep shades to light pastels and metallics.

5. Two-Shades Pastel Hair

Two-Shades Pastel Hair
@kidjess / instagram.com

Let’s get rid of the mundane and replace it with the spectacular. How? Try two-tone hair! In order to preserve their contemporary appeal, fashion trends frequently return with subtle tweaks. We have avidly sported pastels in clothing, and now they charm our hair as well. The best aspect of this upswing is the ability to tailor it to your preferences.

For E-girls who want to steal the show, a fantastic thought would be to choose two feminine hues, such as pink and purple, and create an enticing half-and-half effect.

4. Pink E-girl Streaks

Pink E-girl Streaks
@kateelisabethxo / instagram.com

Pink is absolutely the color of choice for E-girls. Cotton candy, flamingo, watermelon, and fuchsia are just a few of the pink hair shades to play with. Because rose has a dreamlike vibe, it’s easy to get that sweet and innocent look—the trademark of any E-girl.

Pink E-girl highlights might be either daring and rebellious or meek and tender, based on the tint you pick, and as we said, there are many options. Just remember that if you have darker hair, you will have to bleach the streaks before applying any shade of magenta.

3. Neon Green E-girl Highlights

Neon Green E-girl Highlights
@thecourtneymessmer / instagram.com

Is there any shade more glamorous and bold than neon green? We don’t think so! Seriously, lime-colored outfits have ramped up lately, presenting themselves in every mass-market retail store or high-end boutique.

Want to spice things up? If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with dazzling lime hair, this is your way of finding out. Neon green E-girl highlights have been around for quite some time, but they gained widespread recognition when Billie Eilish first donned them.

So, replace classic pastel hues with daring tones such as this one, and you will garner a great deal of attention. Nevertheless, you should go for neon green streaks only if you are ready to be in the limelight.

2. Vibrant Blue E-girl Streaks

Vibrant Blue E-girl Streaks
@navabeautyyy_ / instagram.com

Make your hair look like it’s been blown by a touch of the ocean’s breeze. There are few hues as outlandish as blue relating to one’s hair. Thus, at this point, blue E-girl highlights come into the picture, as they provide all the benefits of having azure hair without the commitment of a complete color procedure.

Therefore, regardless of your age or present hair shade, take a leap of faith and have some vibrant blue E-Girl streaks. You will be guaranteed to grab people’s attention and you will receive nice comments on and off Instagram.

1. Platinum Blonde E-girl Highlights

Platinum Blonde E-girl Highlights
@annvmari / instagram.com

When E-girls first made their mark on the internet and became social media stars, chunky blonde streaks became one of the most mainstream hairstyles. All you have to do to get this E-girl look for yourself is bleach the strips of hair that frame your face, creating a mismatch with the remaining darker hue.

Platinum blonde highlights are the entry point to the realm of E-girl hairdos, but once you take this path, you will never get tired of the look, especially if you want a snazzy and witty touch. Complete the appearance with silver eyeliner and a couple of fake eyelashes, and you’ll have a style that is both office-appropriate and rock concert-worthy.

Final Words

The E-girl movement began as a reaction to traditional beauty standards and Instagram’s picture-perfect norms, and its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with over 25 billion people watching TikTok videos with the hashtag #egirl. It remains to be seen how far this trend will go and how it will further influence the lives of teenagers worldwide.

Until then, E-girl hairstyles remain a benchmark for girls and women who aren’t afraid to jazz up things a little bit and break the rules. Which one was your favorite? We’re still thinking about that bubblegum hair.

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