Marie Osmond facelift before and after comparison photo

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

When I saw Marie Osmond on TV the other day, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. My first reaction was, she must have gotten plastic surgery. Marie is 60 plus now, right? This woman is looking quite gorgeous for her age. So, I had to do these comparisons. Did …

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Taylor Swift is crying a river

13 Rare Taylor Swift Without Makeup Photos

I’m not joking! If there is a celebrity who looks similar with or without makeup, it’s Taylor Swift! Oh yes, this girl is a true beauty and cosmetics to her is almost secondary. Taylor has a unique face that naturally stands out and doesn’t need sophisticated contouring techniques like the …

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Nicole Kidman finding the camera

10 Young Nicole Kidman Photos You Need To See

I almost forgot what the younger Nicole Kidman looks like. That’s why I made this post today to refresh my memory. I think everyone needs to see this. 1. Natural red hair There is a level of cheekiness to Nicole during her childhood. Regardless, this is proof that her natural …

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Rosalia butt lift before and after comparison photo

Rosalia Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I don’t need to tell you that Rosalia is one of the hottest Spanish singers today. What I can probably tell you though is whether she’s had plastic surgery or not. That’s the whole point of me making these comparisons. Let’s have a look. Before and After Pictures Has Rosalia …

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Kristen Bell botox before and after comparison photo

Kristen Bell Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’m hearing some plastic surgery rumors on Kristen Bell lately. The noise must have come from her latest Netflix movie so I did some comparison on the actress to see if I can find anything unusual. Check it out. Before and After Photos Did Kristen Bell have botox? When Kristen …

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Adele looking adorable without makeup

10 Latest Pictures of Adele Without Makeup

She doesn’t go makeup-free in public often but Adele is never shy to show her most natural face to the world either. I don’t think the singer looks that much different though. You can certainly recognize her. See it for yourself. 1. Crying and apologizing I’m sure most Adele fans …

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Kat Dennings butt lift before and after comparison photo

Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I have questioned Kat Dennings many times with respect to her attractive face and curvaceous body. Surely, I can’t be the only one wondering if she has gotten plastic surgery. Just look at her! We need some answers. Has Kat Dennings had a nose job? If you look closely, there …

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Emma Stone nose job before and after comparison photo

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

She may not be the curvy type but Emma Stone certainly has her attractiveness that is on another level. I’m not sure if plastic surgery is the reason behind her exquisite beauty but I’m determined to find out. Oh yes, I am. So you can either join me or ignore …

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Penelope Cruz botox before and after comparison photo

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Don’t take it from me. I have only watched Penelope Cruz on the big screen for over 2 decades so if she was enhanced by plastic surgery, I probably “would” know about it. Let’s start with these comparisons. Did Penelope Cruz have a nose job? It’s an easy “no” from …

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