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Kristen Bell Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Kristen Bell

I’m hearing some plastic surgery rumors on Kristen Bell lately.

The noise must have come from her latest Netflix movie so I did some comparison on the actress to see if I can find anything unusual.

Check it out.

Before and After Photos

Did Kristen Bell have botox?

Kristen Bell botox before and after comparison photo

When Kristen appeared on the Ellen Show recently, I thought she looked a bit different.

But after some close-up analysis, I couldn’t see any botox use on her face. If she did have injections, it would have been done minimally.

Her laughs and facial expressions look natural.

Has Kristen had a nose job?

Kristen Bell nose job before and after comparison photo

I believe you can see it too.

There is nothing happening with Kristen’s nose that is out of the ordinary.

She did not have her nose done.

Did she have a boob job?

Kristen Bell boob job before and after comparison photo

I’m saying “no” to this one.

While there are times when Kristen has used push-ups to make her breasts look bigger, there is nothing unnatural about her body.

There are no implants.

What about her teeth?

Kristen Bell teeth before and after comparison photo

Kristen has a beautiful smile.

I couldn’t see any difference in her teeth though but her gumline seems to have been worked on. It’s not as high as it used to be.

What do you think?

Final Thoughts

There was nothing on her.

Kristen appears to be a natural beauty and even if she did have cosmetic procedures, it would have been very minor. Like fillers or something.

She is in her 40s so she would have at least looked into it.

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