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9 Lovely Photos of Ivanka Trump Without Makeup

By Siena Mason


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Ivanka Trump Without Makeup

Whether you agree with me or not, I think Ivanka Trump looks lovely.

I’m not just talking about her face in particular even though this is the area I’ll be focusing on in this post.

Yes, I want to see what she looks like without makeup.

Check it out.

1. Fresh Morning Look

Ivanka Trump fresh morning look
Instagram @ ivankatrump

It was a beautiful morning and you can see how fresh Ivanka looks with that gorgeous smile. In fact, it was so early that she didn’t even bother to put on makeup.

But, who would blame her?

2. Hold my hand, dear

Ivanka Trump wants him to hold her hand
Instagram @ ivankatrump

Forget that beautiful ocean, it is Jared Kushner’s hand that she wants to see and hold.

3. Getting ready for a casual day out

Ivanka Trump getting ready for a casual day out
Instagram @ ivankatrump

It is unusual to see Ivanka ditching her lipstick and expensive clothing. I guess she just wanted a break and perferred to have a casual day out instead.

But I must say, she chose the wrong handbag for that outfit.

4. Looking messy on a balcony

Ivanka Trump looking messy on a balcony

Not sure if this picture was taken from the balcony of her home or a hotel. But this is probably the only place you’ll find her without makeup and looking this messy.

5. In the gym room

Ivanka Trump in the gym room
Instagram @ ivankatrump

When you see Ivanka in the gym room with no eyeshadow and foundation on, it means she’s ready for a good workout.

6. Waking up selfie

Ivanka Trump waking up in bedroom selfie
Instagram @ ivankatrump

Looks like our former first daughter has just woken up in her bedroom and decides to take a “No Makeup” selfie. That’s the definition of confident beauty right there!

7. She found something hidden in the wall

Ivanka Trump found something in the wall

Ivanka was just going for a jog when she suddenly saw something hidden between the cracks of the wall. I wonder what she found?

8. The magic of the bathroom mirror

Ivanka Trump can't ignore the magic of the bathroom mirror
Instagram @ ivankatrump

I’ve noticed this among many famous people.

Whenever they see the bathroom mirror, they must get their phone camera out and take a quick selfie.

In this case, we have a barefaced Ivanka inside her own bathroom and guess what? The same magic applies.

9. A mother’s smile is the most beautiful

Ivanka Trump with the smile of a mother
Instagram @ ivankatrump

This was Ivanka in hospital after giving birth to her son. Even though she was makeup-free but it proves that a mother’s smile is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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