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21 Stunning Photos of Gigi Hadid without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Wouldn’t life be wonderful if you could just wake up in the morning and not having to worry about doing your hair and putting makeups on?

Well, apparently even the super gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid also face similar problems.

Living in a world full of paparazzi, it makes perfect sense that she wants to look her best for the cameras. But then…what if she gets lazy? She is human, after all.

So if you have been wondering how Gigi would look without those heavy powders, lipsticks, and eyeshadows, this is your best chance!

Here are 21 stunning pictures of Gigi Hadid with no makeup:

1. Messy hair…so what!

Gigi Hadid with messy hair and no makeup

It looks like Gigi completely forgotten that she was in public. This face you are seeing is as pure as it gets and her hair is a total mess. To be fair, it was a windy day.

2. Before a good show

Gigi Hadid before the fashion show

Nothing speaks professionalism more than what you are seeing in this photo. Before the show started, Gigi was being interviewed and clearly had no makeup on but that didn’t wipe the beautiful smile off her face.

3. Just a little chubby

Gigi Hadid looking a little chubby here

Without foundation, concealer, and highlighter, Gigi and her “slightly” chubby face had nowhere to hide. Has she been eating too much lately? I did say she is human.

4. Need to keep fit

Gigi Hadid keep fit

Being a supermodel is never easy. A lot of sweat goes behind the scene and there is no point for Gigi to put makeup on during her boxing session. Look at that waistline though…wow!

5. Wake up selfie

Gigi Hadid Sleeping In

Looks like Gigi wanted to sleep in this morning as she shared one of her most natural wake up selfies on Instagram. Love those plump lips!

6. Just being lazy

Gigi Hadid being lazy to put makeup on

Either our glamorous model was in a hurry, or she was just being lazy here. At least she managed to fix up her hair…well, kind of.

7. Does she have makeup on?

Does Gigi Hadid have makeup on?

Okay, I must admit I had trouble with this one. At first, it just looked like another photo of Gigi Hadid without makeup, but when I look closer, it seems like she did have some concealer, bronzer, and pinkish minimal eyeshadow palette on. Maybe it’s Maybelline?

8. Catching a taxi

Gigi Hadid catching a taxi

Gigi was spotted as she entered a taxi in the city. Is she all natural here or is this one of those minimalist looks again? Either way, she’s got the face for both.

9. Looking good with glasses

Gigi Hadid with glasses

These glasses would look absolutely horrible on my face, but for some reasons, they look really good on her. Guess some girls are just born lucky.

10. Gigi with black hair?

Gigi Hadid with black hair and no makeup

It’s not often that we get to see Gigi Hadid with black hair and I’ve got to admit that she looks different (in a good way), especially without any makeup. Imagine if she was wearing a kimono, she’d look like a Japanese doll.

11. More boxing

Gigi Hadid doing more boxing

Not sure about you, but Gigi looks a little tired in this picture. Obviously, having no cosmetics didn’t help but perhaps she was just too focused on her boxing training.

12. Side view

Gigi Hadid side view without makeup

Here is a rare side view picture of Gigi and you can clearly see how unique her face shape is from this angle. What a gorgeous girl.

13. Love her sunglasses…and coffee!

Love her sunglasses...and coffee!

Who needs makeup when you can just snap on a pair of shades. Not just any sunglasses, but one with yellow lenses. Now, why is my focus slowly shifting to the coffee? Yes, I can use one!

14. Yup, she loves coffee

Gigi Hadid with Joe Jonas

Gigi can be seen here wearing an aqua blue cap, top, and jeans. But my eyes are still staring at her coffee. What is wrong with me? Can somebody buy me one, please? Oh…and is that Joe Jonas behind her? Sorry Joe, almost missed you there.

15. Instagram Story Time

Gigi Hadid Instagram Story

Here is a glimpse of an Instagram story Gigi posted online while she was in her car. Is it just me or does her face look thinner here?

16. Listening to music

Gigi Hadid listening to music with her headphone

You know that moment when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite music and someone keeps bothering you. Well, seems like Gigi just encountered that moment right here. She is obviously not too happy, but still looks very pretty!

17. Feeling sporty…anyone?

Gigi Hadid feeling sporty

Gigi must be feeling sporty when she posted this picture on her social media accounts. With her unkempt eyebrows and freckles on her skin, this is probably as raw as it gets. Not sure what the head bandana represents but it definitely looks stylish on her.

18. Leather Street fashion

Gigi Hadid Leather Street Fashion

I wonder if this was a deliberate attempt to start a new trend in leather street fashion. If it was, then she definitely nailed it, and without makeup too!

19. Mug Shot

Gigi Hadid Mug Shot

Ok guys, I think I’ve found Gigi Hadid’s mug shot right here. Just kidding, but I bet you the police would love to keep this natural beauty on file.

20. Nobody see me

Nobody see me

It appears that Gigi didn’t want to be seen by the press. With her long hair hanging down one side of her face and no makeup, she was hoping that no one would recognize her. But dear, nobody gets away from the paps, not in America.

21. Baseball cap

Gigi wearing baseball cap

Did I read that wrong or does this baseball cap belong to NASA? With or without makeups, I don’t think any personnel from NASA would mind having Gigi paying them a visit. That includes their secret aliens, too!

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