17 Amazing Rihanna Without Makeup Photos

To me, Rihanna has beautiful facial features that is unique to Hollywood so I’ve always been fascinated by her makeups.

Sure, her iconic voice and kick-ass body usually runs the show, but this girl’s natural beauty is not to be ignored.

So let’s shift the focus back onto RiRi’s face today and see how amazing she truly looks without any makeup whatsoever.

Yes, not even a drop.

1. Stop Annoying Me:

Rihanna thinking stop annoying me
via Pinterest

Who knows what was going on inside Rihanna’s head when this photo was taken. But it looks like she was feeling annoyed by something or someone.

Maybe she just wasn’t happy about being papped without makeup?

This star definitely has personality!

2. Big Bare Face Selfie:

Rihanna Big Bare Face Selfie
Instagram @ badgalriri

In most celebrity selfies, you’d find that the shots are usually taken from the best possible angles to elevate the face – slimmer jawline, thinner nose, etc.

For Rihanna, however, her selfies are different. She doesn’t care if her face shape looks wider or if her lips look thicker.

Not the best selfie I must admit, but very real and natural.

3. No Autographs:

Rihanna no autographs please
via Pinterest

Looks like the singer was stopped by a fan in the middle of the street and asked for an autograph.

I’ll be honest. I would have said no too if I had no makeups on.

4. Swimming For Prey:

Rihanna swimming for prey without makeup
via Twitter

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of cosmetics but Rihanna looks like a shark in the water waiting for her prey.

She needs to do something about those eye bags though.

5. Give Me The Jetski:

Rihanna give me the jet ski
via Facebook

In full gear with a life jacket and zero makeup, it looks like Rihanna is ready for a fast, furious, and wet jet-ski ride.

6. Smoothest Skin:

Rihanna has the smoothest skin
via Twitter

Honestly, I don’t think RiRi needs too many concealers and foundations on her skin. She has one of the smoothest skin tones in Hollywood.

Just look at it. This is the definition of blemish-free skin with perfect complexion.

7. Smoking Yoga:

Rihanna smoking yoga
via Vibe.com

The superstar was caught smoking after a yoga session. It looks like a cigar from afar but I could be wrong.

Now, why do the same pink top and black leggings, which I also have at home, look so damn good on her?  Life is never fair, I know.

8. Women In Black:

Rihanna Women in black
via Gotceleb.com

The singer was spotted walking the urban street in fashion code black. Yes, she was literally wearing all black from head to toe – hair, sunglasses, singlet, pants, handbag, and shoes.

A thin layer of black color lipstick would have finished the look.

9. Heading To The Gym:

Rihanna heading to the gym
via Reddit

Wearing a light blue sweater, dark grey leggings, and joggers, it looks like RiRi is heading to the gym for a workout session.

I wonder if anyone recognized her makeup-less face hidden underneath that cap.

10. Black and White Beauty:

Rihanna black and white beauty
Instagram @ badgalriri

This black and white photo clearly showed off Rihanna’s natural beauty. She is perfect!

11. Can’t Open My Eyes:

Rihanna can't open her eyes
Instagram @ badgalriri

The Diamonds singer posted this selfie when she just woke up. She couldn’t even open her eyes here, so I doubt those are fake eyelashes.

12. Coolest Hair Braiding:

Rihanna has the coolest hair braiding while wearing no makeup
Instagram @ badgalriri

Many people said that Rihanna has a big forehead, but that’s probably why this hair braiding looks even cooler on her.

What do you think?

13. The Hotel Balcony:

Makeup-less Rihanna at the hotel balcony
via Pinterest

The American singer was spotted in New Zealand enjoying the view and sunlight from her hotel balcony.

For some reason, it’s not her makeup-less face that caught my attention.

It’s her shirt. Cute.

14. Waiting For Stylist:

Rihanna waiting for stylist
Instagram @ badgalriri

Looks like RiRi was getting too bored waiting for her makeup artist to show up, so she decided the take this funny face photo.

15. Curly Short Hair:

Rihanna with short curly hair and no makeup
via Pinterest

It’s amazing how different Rihanna looks with short curly hair.

To be honest, I don’t think the hairstyle suits her but perhaps the bare face didn’t help either.

16. Daddy’s Girl:

Rihanna used to be a daddy's girl
via Lipstickalley.com

Not that long ago, Rihanna was still a daddy’s girl and you can see how close they were in this photo.

I guess money really does change families.

17. Beach Style:

Rihanna beach style
Instagram @ badgalriri

I’m sensing that Rihanna was just trying to show off her tattoos and jewelry here.

Even though she’s makeup-free and has a bikini on, but there’s no way she’s going into the waters looking like this.


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