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Brie Larson Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Brie Larson

Not sure about others.

I think Captain Marvel is a goddess and it has nothing to do with her superpowers.

Yes, I’m talking about Brie Larson here and I have reasons to believe that plastic surgery might be the reason behind her allure.

Let me show you.

Before and After Pictures

I’ve been doing some research on Brie to see if she has undergone any cosmetic changes. Here’s what I have found.

Did Brie Larson have a nose job?

Brie Larson nose job before and after comparison photo

The first thing that captured my attention was Brie’s nose.

As you can see from the above comparison, her nose tip is visibly sharper than before.

So, I think there is a good chance that she had a nose job.

But whether it’s real or fake, I still think her nose shape looks beautiful.

Has Brie had a boob job?

Brie Larson boob job before and after comparison photo

Brie has an amazing body.

That’s why she looks so good in her superhero suit, let alone this cleavage-baring outfit in the “after” photo.

But I’m sure many people are wondering if she had breast implants, including myself.

Apparently, it looks like she already has good size boobs at a younger age so I don’t think she had any work done on them.

In other words, I believe her breasts are real.

Did she get botox injections?

Brie Larson before and after comparison photo

I doubt it.

Even though Brie is in her 30s, you can see some wrinkles and laugh lines starting to show. The fact that she’s not hiding them proves that botox is not in her thoughts.

Not yet, anyway.

Final Thoughts

I have been thinking.

Brie doesn’t appear to me as the type of actress who would consider getting cosmetic surgery but I can’t quite explain what happened with her nose.

It definitely looks different but whether that came with maturity or something else, I’ll let you decide.