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Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Lana Del Rey

It wasn’t easy.

Trying to find evidence that Lana Del Rey had plastic surgery proved to be a lot harder than I first thought.

I don’t know how to explain it.

See for yourself.

Before and After Pictures

The truth is, there weren’t many old photos of Del Rey that I could use to make proper comparisons. But I got it done.

Has Lana Del Rey had a nose job?

Lana Del Rey nose job before and after photo comparison

Before I go ahead.

You’re looking at opposite sides of Del Rey’s nose and face here, as they are both looking in different directions.

But if we assume they are the same, then it’s clear that her nose bridge looks unnatural. On one side, we see a tiny bump and on the other, her nasal bone looks curved in.

Now, whether or not she got a nose job to chisel that down, I’ll let you decide.

Did Del Rey have lip injections?

Lana Del Rey lip injections before and after photo comparison

I’ll be honest.

Del Rey’s lips look different compared to her younger self.

I’m not going to say that the singer gets lip fillers permanently because I have seen them fluctuate at times.

But if you ask me, I think lip injection might be a seasonal thing for her.

Did she get botox?

Lana Del Rey botox before and after photo comparison

I have to say ‘NO’ for this one.

Firstly, Del Rey has gained some weight in recent years and the extra fat she put on the face cheeks almost acted like botox for her.

Secondly, she is still under 40 and seems to take care of her skin reasonably well.

I don’t think wrinkles are her main concern at the moment.

What about breast implants?

Lana Del Rey breast implants before and after photo comparison

This was a tricky one.

I can see that Del Rey’s breasts have gotten larger but then, so has her entire body size.

I believe this is the reason behind her bigger chest and not a boob job.

Final Thoughts

I’ll admit it.

These pictures probably weren’t enough to prove that any cosmetic surgery has taken place, but I think the signs are there.

Whether she did or not, I still think Del Rey is beautiful in every way.