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Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Siena Mason


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Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery

I want to thank Sarah Jessica Parker.

If it wasn’t for her, I’d never know how good Carrie Bradshaw looks in her 50s.

Yes, SJP is looking amazing lately but plastic surgery may have played a part. I don’t say this lightly either because I’ve been watching her closely in recent years.

I’ll explain more later.

Before and After Photos

First, I needed to find evidence to support my case and while there were lots of pictures to go through, I enjoyed it.

Did Sarah Jessica Parker have botox?

Did Sarah Jessica Parker have botox?

In case you didn’t know, Sarah was mocked at the 2018 Met Gala event for looking old. That was only 2 years ago.

If you look at the “Before” photo above, it was taken in 2018 also. You can see how tired Sarah’s face looked back then. Her facial skin was dry and the cheeks were kind of sagging, to be honest.

Well, things changed towards the back of 2019. There was more volume on her face cheeks and the folds beside her nose were not as deep. I’m guessing some botox might have been injected around those areas.

What do you think?

Has Sarah had a face lift?

Has Sarah Jessica Parker had a facelift?

If Carrie Bradshaw appeared on TV looking like this, I’m not sure how fans would react.

This “Before” picture was from early 2019 and I must say…those wrinkles weren’t kind to her, especially on the forehead. I was going to compare this to a photo taken in November of the same year, but then I thought a 2020 comparison would be better.

So, I apologize for the photo quality but it was the best 2020 photo I could find. After zooming in, you can see that Sarah got herself a new face. Everything just looks smooth and lifted.

If you ask me to pick between makeup or a facelift, I’ll choose the latter. In fact, I think she might have gotten a browlift as well although the image is too far to tell.

Did Sarah get breast implants?

Did Sarah Jessica Parker get breast implants?

I honestly didn’t know this.

Despite Sarah’s slim physique, she actually had decent sized boobs in her earlier years. Also, the way her breasts shaped in this cleavage-baring outfit (after photo) tells me those are not implants either.

It is a ‘NO’ from me.

Did Sarah have a nose job?

Did Sarah Jessica Parker have a nose job?

I’ve heard the rumor before but this comparison picture should clear the air.

It is true that Sarah’s nose looks thinner at times, but that’s only because she wasn’t smiling. When she does, every detail on her nose looks the same.

Sorry, I can’t see any nose job here guys.

Final Thoughts

I really miss Carrie Bradshaw!

I know “Sex and the City” is not coming back but if Carrie was still with us today, she should be proud of the way SJP is looking at her current age.

Sure, the actress might have gotten cosmetic surgery to combat aging. But if it’s true, I think they were done really well as Sarah’s face looks very natural to me.

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