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Best 10 Makeup-Free Photos of Sandra Bullock

By Kass Barrera


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I don’t consider Sandra Bullock as one of the most beautiful actresses in America. In fact, I wouldn’t even put her in my top 10.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think she’s pretty and there is something about her face that’s easy on the eyes too.

Maybe it’s the makeup? I’m not sure.

That’s why I wanted to put this list together. I’d say it’s the best one out there as Sandra rarely goes barefaced in public. Enjoy!

1. It’s a win-win

Sandra Bullock agrees with the win-win

Seeing Sandra in public is already a win but catching her without makeup is another big win. I think she agrees.

2. The homeless look

Sandra Bullock look like a homeless

It’s never going to happen, I know that. But if Sandra was to become homeless, I think this is what she’ll look like.

3. No emotions in Vancouver

Sandra Bullock showing no emotions in Vancouver

The actress was spotted in Vancouver shooting for a new Netflix movie, Unforgiven.

Maybe it’s just this partcular scene, but Sandra’s face look emotionless. Some people say she might’ve had too much botox and I’ve had similar thoughts too.

4. Eye-catching glasses

Sandra Bullock wearing eye-catching glasses

You know what? I don’t even care if she has makeup on or not because those black rimmed glasses looks so good on her. It is Specs-tacular!

5. Confident shopper

Sandra Bullock is a confident shopper

When a woman goes to clothes shopping with no makeup, it means she is very confident in her natural beauty. Good on her!

6. Old telephone call

Sandra Bullock on an old telephone call

You must be thinking where Sandra got that old telephone, right?

That thing is clearly vintage but it was for a movie where she played the famous novelist, Nelle Harper Lee. So I guess this scene was portraiting the 70s.

7. Habit of famous people

Sandra Bullock has the same habit of famous people

I see it all the time with celebrities.

Whenever they are makeup-free in public, they will try to hide their faces with a pair of sunnies. Sandra does it too.

8. Down to Earth

Sandra Bullock Down To Earth

I’m not talking about Sandra’s personality, although I’m sure she’s a down to earth person.

This was the moment she landed back on earth in the Oscar-winning movie, Gravity.

9. Nobody in space

Sandra Bullock has nobody in space

Let me take you back where Sandra was still in space.

If you’re wondering why she wasn’t wearing any eyeshadows or lipstick, she was alone and had nobody to impress.

10. This cat is the star

Sandra Bullock wants the cat to be the star

It’s no secret that Sandra is an animal lover and doesn’t mind taking photos with them even with her bare face.

I guess she wants to let the cat be the star instead of herself.

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