Margot Robbie Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

I’m never biased when it comes to these comparison pictures.

But with Margot Robbie, I can almost guarantee you that she has never touched plastic surgery. Yes, I’m making an assumption here before I even start.

Want to make a bet?

Don’t regret it.

Did Margot Robbie have a nose job?

Margot Robbie nose job before and after comparison photo

Margot has a beautiful nose and it’s not fake!

Her nose shape has remained the same over the years and this tells me that a nose job did not take place.

She doesn’t need one.

Has Margot had lip fillers?

Margot Robbie lip fillers before and after comparison photo

As you can see from above, Margot had good size lips even when she was 18.

She clearly does not need lip injections and there is no evidence of it either. I guess we can tick this one off too.

Did she have botox?

Margot Robbie botox before and after comparison photo

To be fair, this is a procedure that is difficult to track.

Margot is only in her early 30s and it’s not like she has many wrinkles to treat. So, even if she did have facial fillers, it would have been minimal.

I’m going with a ‘NO’ here.

Did Margot get a boob job?

Margot Robbie boob job before and after comparison photo

I think Margot’s body is as natural as it gets.

The actress has never gotten breast implants and she seems to be happy about the size of her boobs too. She should be!

Final Thoughts

You see.

I knew Margot did not go under the knife before I even started making this post. Everything about her just seems so natural.

Let’s see if she will keep it that way.