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Top 8 Jeffree Star No Makeup Pictures Revealed

By Sonny Tenorio


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Jeffree Star No Makeup

When it comes to Jeffree Star, we are all too familiar with his smokey eyes, nude lipsticks, and colorful palettes.

In fact, I can’t even remember what his natural face looks like without all the makeup.

Sure, he runs a multi-million dollar cosmetics company and his 15 million youtube subscribers are always eager to see him try on his new products.

But today, I’m more interested to see his bare face.

1. Young and Natural

Jeffree Star young and natural

This is perhaps the rarest picture you’ll find on Jeffree Star in his most natural form. He was young, makeup-free and not wearing a wig. YAY!

2. Like a Rockstar

Jeffree Star looks like a rockstar

Although his music career is over, it’s interesting to see where his passion used to lie. Doesn’t he look like a rockstar with short hair?

3. Before Application

Jeffree Star before makeup application
Youtube / jeffreestar

If you have seen his makeup tutorials on youtube, then you’ll be familiar with this scene. Yes, he usually starts with a fresh face before any applications.

4. No Eyebrows

Jeffree Star no eyebrows
Instagram @ jeffreestar

In case you didn’t know, Jeffree shaved his eyebrows a long time ago. I guess he wants to try out different styles of fake brows, positions and colors.

5. Hiding His Tattoos

Jeffree Star hiding his tattoos
Youtube / jeffreestar

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this tattoo-less photo of Jeffree Star.

He literally used concealer, foundation and liquid lipstick to hide all of his tattoos and created his new flawless skin.

6. Crying Star

Jeffree Star crying
Snapchat @ jeffreedahmer

Oh honey, why are you crying?

Apparently, his dog passed away and he couldn’t hide his emotions.

7. Swollen Lips

Jeffree Star swollen lips
Youtube / jeffreestar

Years ago, Star had a botched lip injection procedure when a doctor injected mixed silicone into his lips without his knowledge.

Luckily, a surgeon was able to fix it but he was left with a swollen lip for a few days.

8. Removing Makeup

Jeffree Star removing makeup
Youtube / jeffreestar

Okay, we’ve all seen Jeffree Star putting on makeup countless times, right?

Now is time to see him remove them.

And doesn’t she look gorgeous?

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