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10 Young Pierce Brosnan Photos Before He Was Famous

By Siena Mason


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Pierce Brosnan Young

I like Pierce Brosnan.

I find him very charming as an actor but honestly, I don’t know much about him before his James Bond stint.

That’s why I wanted to see what the young version of him was like.

1. He was a handsome boy

Pierce Brosnan was a handsome boy when he was young

This was expected.

Imagine if Pierce was ugly during his childhood. Now, that would be a surprise.

2. Nice hair was important to him

Pierce Brosnan combing his hair

You see it nowadays too.

Pierce always has neat and tidy hair. This well-groomed habit started even in his teen.

3. Starring in a vintage movie

Pierce Brosnan in a vintage movie

I guess any movie in the 80s can be considered vintage now. This was one where Pierce starred in, The Mirror Crack’d.

4. He didn’t have the perfect teeth

Pierce Brosnan with a cheeky smile

If it wasn’t for this cheeky smile, I wouldn’t have known about Brosnan’s crooked teeth when he was younger.

5. He got a model face though

Pierce Brosnan has a model face

With the face of a model, I was surprised Pierce didn’t take on more modeling work back then. He would have made it either way.

6. First Marriage

Pierce Brosnan first marriage

Pierce has only ever gotten married twice. This was his first wife, Cassandra Harris, an Australian actress.

7. Not a fan of his mustache

Pierce Brosnan with moustache

Not sure about you, but I don’t think this mustache suited his youthful face. I prefer the one when he got older.

8. Modeling for a magazine

Pierce Brosnan modeling for a magazine

Looks like the Irish actor did do some side gigs for a magazine or maybe it was just a featured post about him?

9. Always a gentleman

Pierce Brosnan is a true gentleman

Whether Pierce is young or old, he looks like a true gentleman.

I’m sure he is in real person too.

10. Here comes James Bond

Pierce Brosnan in James Bond Goldeneye

In my eyes, Pierce was the best actor to play James Bond, ever.

He was about 42 in Goldeneye so he wasn’t exactly young, but he was good-looking and had the whole package.

And yes, this movie made him very famous, deservingly so.

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