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7 Ricky Martin Tattoo Photos and Their Meanings

By Kass Barrera


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For someone who is so well-groomed, you’d think that his body is ink-free.

But Ricky Martin actually has a total number of 7 tattoos, each covering different parts of his spectacular body.

Check it out.

1. Our Lord’s Prayer Written In Aramaic

Ricky Martin Lord's Prayer Tattoo

On his right upper arm, you’ll see Our Lord’s Prayer written in Assyrian, which is an Aramaic language. It covers his deltoid, bicep, and tricep muscles.

I really like how the words are spread and positioned into 2 main spiral patterns. These letters are wrapping nicely around his arm.

2. Woman Inside Four Elements of Nature

Ricky Martin naked woman inside four elements of nature tattoo

This design features a naked woman surrounded by the four elements of nature: air, water, fire and earth.

3. Right Inner Arm

Ricky Martin right inner arm tattoo

Unfortunately, nobody knows the meaning of this tattoo. Ricky hasn’t mentioned anything in public, but I have a feeling that it is connected to the first one.

4. Lotus Flower

Ricky Martin lotus flower tattoo

On his left inner arm, you’ll see a lotus flower.

It is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

5. Chest Tribal Tattoo

Ricky Martin chest tattoo

There is a tribal tattoo on Ricky’s chest and it can have a different meaning depending on the wearer’s background and heritage. It is usually a symbol of power, strength, protection and achievement.

6. Rose wrapped around a sword

Ricky Martin pelvis rose sword tattoo

Apologies for the quality, but I was trying to zoom in to get a closer look. According to several sources, this was meant to be a small rose wrapped around a sword.

It is located on his pelvis area and is apparently his first tattoo.

7. Right Leg

Ricky Martin right leg tattoo

This is one of Ricky’s latest tattoos and I don’t think there is actually a meaning to it. The design looks really good though.

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