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9 Young Daniel Craig Pictures You Have Never Seen

By Kass Barrera


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Not going to lie.

I had no idea who Daniel Craig was before he starred in James Bond.

That’s the truth so I’m curious to see what the young Dan was like before he got famous. You’ve probably never seen these too.

1. Good kid at school

This was Daniel in his early high school days. Even though the picture is quite blurry, you can tell he was a good kid.

2. Teenage trouble maker

Daniel Craig looked like a trouble maker in his teen

Does this teenager look like a trouble maker to you?

I thought so.

3. Pale young man

Daniel Craig pale young man

Maybe it’s the lighting but Daniel looks so pale in this picture. He is about 17 years old here and is as white as a ghost.

4. Keeping himself groomed

Daniel Craig keeping himself groomed

He doesn’t need to be 007 to be well groomed. This habit started at a young age and have stayed with him till now.

I’m not so sure about the ash blonde though.

5. If he was a priest

Daniel Craig looking like a priest

If Daniel was a priest, this is probably what he would look like.

6. Like a rockstar

Daniel Craig like a rock star

I don’t recall hearing Daniel being in a band when he was younger but he certainly had the style to be a rockstar!

7. Charming eyes

Daniel Craig has charming eyes

One of the reason Daniel was chosen for the Bond role has to be his eyes. They look so charming!

8. Long hair doesn’t suit him

Daniel Craig with long hair

I don’t think I need to explain this, right?

Please don’t let me see it again.

9. The smile that saids it all

Daniel Craig with a gorgeous smile

Daniel was still pretty young here and looking as handsome as ever.

There is only one word I can use to describe that smile, gorgeous!

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