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7 Young Morgan Freeman Pictures Before He Was Famous

By Siena Mason


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Don’t take this the wrong way.

Ever since I saw Morgan Freeman on the big screen, he wasn’t young looking at all.

I’m not sure if he was born that way but maybe these photos will help us out.

1. Smart young man

Morgan Freeman was a smart looking young man

Morgan always seems to be full of wisdom, even when he was younger.

At least he looks that way.

2. He served in the air force

Morgan Freeman served in the air force

I don’t think many people know this, but yes, he was in the air force.

3. Looking like a hippie

Morgan Freeman look like a hippie

Not sure if this was from a movie but if Morgan was a hippie, this is exactly what he would look like.

4. Stand up talk

Morgan Freeman stand up talk

Regardless of his age, whenever you see Morgan doing a stand-up talk, you just know he has something wise to share.

5. Playing a vampire character

Morgan freeman dressed up as a vampire

I guess being an actor, especially when you’re not famous, you have to be anyone including a vampire.

6. He can be a bum too

Morgan Freeman as a homeless man

Yes, he can also be a homeless man. This is what you called a professional.

7. Career breakthrough was a matter of time

Morgan Freeman experienced career breakthrough

Morgan experienced his career breakthrough in 1989, just when a few strands of white hair started coming out.

So, he was still young I guess.

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