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Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Sonny Tenorio


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I’m not sure why.

Many people seem to believe that Ryan Gosling had gone under the knife, but to be honest, I am not one of them.

In fact, I will try to prove his innocence right now.

Did Ryan Gosling have a nose job?

Ryan Gosling nose job before and after comparison photo


Ryan’s nose has been making the most noise and this comparison photo should shut down his nose job rumors once and for all.

Just look at it. His nose looks the same.

Has Ryan had a hair transplant?

Ryan Gosling hair transplant before and after comparison photo

Seriously, I don’t think Ryan has experienced hair loss at all.

He may be having a receding hairline, slowly, but it’s not that bad.

I don’t think he needs a hair transplant yet.

Did he get botox?

Ryan Gosling botox before and after comparison photo

Ryan is in his 40s but he has fantastic skin.

I have rarely seen a wrinkle on his face and botox is not the reason. It could be a combination of good genes and skincare.

What about his teeth?

Ryan Gosling teeth before and after comparison photo

There is a tiny gap on Ryna’s teeth towards his left.

It’s only a small flaw so using veneer probably doesn’t warrant it.

He did not fix it.

Final Thoughts

Well, just as I thought.

Ryan has nothing to do with plastic surgery and most likely never will.

Let’s see what happens when he becomes an old man.

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