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10 Ways Ariana Grande Donned an Oversized Sweatshirt Like a Dress

By Kass Barrera


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Thank you, Ariana.

You have re-created oversized fashion and completely changed the way how sweatshirts are meant to be worn.

I mean…who else can wear a sweater like a dress, the way you do?

And yet, looking amazing too!

1. Like a cheerleader:

Ariana Grande like a cheerleader

Maybe it’s just the yellow stripe Reebok logo, but Ariana looks very sporty here like she’s ready to cheer her team on.

Imagine having her on the sideline…

2. Baggy can be luxury:

Ariana Grande baggy can be luxury

Who said baggy clothes look cheap?

Just throw on a pair of Gucci boots and voila!

3. No privacy handbag:

Ariana Grande no privacy handbag

I don’t really understand this transparent sweetener handbag.

You can clearly see her cellphone and makeup powder in there, so there is no privacy whatsoever.

Maybe that is the point?

4. Never too black:

Ariana Grande never too black

When you are wearing black long sleeves and black boots like Ariana, a little green around your waist will go a long way.

5. Pink is too cute:

Ariana Grande pink is too cute

I’ll be honest.

She really didn’t need to make that adorable face.

That pink sweatshirt dress and 3-inch sneakers are already TOO CUTE!

6. Looking expensive:

Ariana Grande looking expensive

I know it’s only a simple white top, but the fact that Ariana is wearing it just makes it look very expensive.

And it probably is too.

7. Inside the airport:

Ariana Grande inside the airport

The singer was seen in the airport looking as gorgeous as ever. I really like that oversized purple jumper and how she dresses it like a mini skirt.

8. Grey performance:

Ariana Grande grey performance

When Ariana Grande is singing and dancing, everybody stops and watches her performance. It doesn’t matter if she’s in all grey.

9. On the cruise ship:

Ariana Grande on the cruise ship

I don’t know which is more beautiful.

Watching the sunset on a luxury cruise ship or seeing Grande posing in a large yellow sweater with her long ponytail?

Let’s just have both.

10. Victory goes to Reebok:

Ariana Grande victory goes to Reebok

Teaming up with the international pop star has got to be one of the smartest moves that Reebok has made.

The victory sign tells the whole success story.

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