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11 Times Selena Gomez Look Dazzling In Her Boots

By Kass Barrera


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Tell me what’s more dazzling…Selena Gomez or her boots?

If I was allowed to be greedy, then I will pick both. That’s because whatever the singer slips on her feet just rocks! Yes, Selena knows exactly how to match her footwear with whatever she wears and turn heads.

Don’t take my words for it.

Your eyes won’t lie.

1. Watch your step

Selena Gomez watch your step

Just because you’re wearing casual chic clothes, it doesn’t mean you have to walk casually too. Selena is watching her every step in these knee-high flat boots and the cognac color looks amazing on those long jeans!

2. Juice give you nice legs?

Selena Gomez juice give you nice legs?

I’m not sure if it’s her legs or those Fendi boots that made my jaws dropped. But I feel like drinking some juice now.

3. Western vibe

Selena Gomez western vibe

Forget about Selena’s white top and denim shorts, it’s her over-the-shoulder jacket and Saint Laurent suede ankle boots that created the western vibe.

Of course, I can’t leave out the double bucket belt because it tied everything together. I love it, especially with her hair pulled back!

4. Her thigh is the limit

Selena Gomez thigh is the limit

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that Selena was casting for the new “Underworld” movie in this vampy vixen look.

But hey…I wouldn’t mind seeing her fight in these thigh-high leather boots. She can easily kill a few with those high heels!

5. Bondage is black

Selena Gomez bondage is black

Have you noticed that bondage-style shoes always tend to be black?

I just realized it too.

6. Casual business meeting

Selena Gomez casual business meeting

Apparently, Selena was heading to a business meeting and the star couldn’t be any more casual. It’s a shame the rest of us can’t follow her lead because, laced boots or not, they will still call us unprofessional.

7. The sound of sexy

Selena Gomez the sound of sexy

When you match ripped denim shorts with knee-high black leather boots, you can expect nothing less than SEXY!

I wonder what it sounds like though…

8. Escalator singing practice

Selena Gomez escalator singing practice

Is Selena talking on the phone or is she practicing her vocals?

I can’t help but notice the imaginary mic in her left hand as she walks down the escalator in those beautiful fluffy uggs.

9. Let there be grey

Selena Gomez let there be grey

If this one-piece grey jumpsuit wasn’t enough, Selena stepped it up by putting on a pair of high-heeled ankle boots that are also grey.

Don’t mind that healthy green drink, it just makes everything look even better.

10. Country girl style

Selena Gomez country girl style

A simple blue dress and a pair of cowboy boots are all Selena need to look like a country star. I think she can make it in that genre.

11. Don’t slip in the rain

Selena Gomez don't slip in the rain

Looks like it is starting to rain and I’m feeling it for Sel. I hope she can handle those skinny heels because it’s going to get slippery.

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