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13 Eye-Catching Photos of Madison Beer Without Makeup

By Kass Barrera


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Madison Beer Without Makeup

I’ve been wondering if Madison Beer wears eyeliners all the time because I couldn’t find a single makeup-free picture of her without it.

Well, it turns out that her eyelashes are just naturally dark so it was creating the impression of an eyeliner.

Life can be so unfair, isn’t it?

Just wait until you see these photos because it will only get worse.

1. Natural dark lashes

Madison Beer natural dark lashes

Do you see what I mean?

This eye-catching moment was captured when Madison was little so I doubt she wore any makeups here. I can only dream of having natural lashes like hers.

My life sucks!

2. At the gas station

Madison Beer at the gas station

I don’t think Madison was going anywhere after filling up her gas since she wasn’t dressed up for any occasion. At least she would be driving her Ferrari if she was.

3. Beach face

Madison Beer beach face

If I didn’t show you that first picture, would you believe the singer was mascara-free?

I wouldn’t either.

4. Sleeping with girlfriend

Madison Beer sleeping with girlfriend

Looks like Maddy was in deep sleep when this photo was taken. At least that must be her natural face since she wasn’t trying to impress anyone.

5. Lazy day out

Madison Beer lazy day out

While it’s not unusual for Madison to show up on the street completely barefaced, I think she was just having a lazy day. Nothing wrong with that.

6. Throwback selfie is nice

Madison Beer nice throwback selfie
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Here is a nice selfie taken a long time ago when she was still young and free. I meant free of makeup and judgment.

7. Leafy background

Madison Beer with leafy background

When you’re showing your most natural side, it is always good to complement it with nature like a leafy background. It makes her face stand out even more.

8. Something about her lips

Madison Beer something about her lips
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Without the lipstick, I’m sure you noticed something unnatural about Madison’s lips too, especially from this side view angle. That’s why I did a little research on her not that long ago.

But let’s just keep it between us, yeah?

9. Mask off

Madison Beer mask off

The singer might have just taken her mask off for a second to catch a few breaths. At least she is still maintaining social distancing.

She better work on those pimple scars though.

10. Trendy glasses looks great

Madison Beer trendy glasses

Who needs eyeshadow and fake long lashes when you can just snap on a pair of trendy frames? It looks great on her!

11. Quick treat

Madison Beer quick treat

Madison was spotted having an ice-cream with a couple of friends. I’m sure it was just a quick treat since she wasn’t bothering with her hair and makeup. Next.

12. Swimming pool peek

Madison Beer swimming pool peek

One of the best ways to see Madison without makeup is at the swimming pool. Take a peek and you will agree.

13. Beauty on the street

Madison Beer beauty on the street

There is a reason why paparazzi can spot the singer’s bare face from miles away. She is a natural beauty no matter how far you look!

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