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Rihanna Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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I’m not holding back here.

Rihanna should probably thank me for making these plastic surgery comparisons for her too. I literally shut down all the rumors in one hit.

You’ll see what I mean.

Did Rihanna have a nose job?

Rihanna nose job before and after comparison photo

Despite what everyone says, Rihanna’s nose looks identical to me.

The reason why so many people think she had a nose job has a lot to do with her makeup, camera angles, and lighting. That’s the way I see it.

Just look at her nose tip and bridge under a similar facial expression.

Pictures don’t lie, right?

Has Rihanna had a boob job?

Rihanna boob job before and after comparison photo

I’m not going to deny the fact that Rihanna’s boobs have gotten bigger, but so has her overall body size.

You can also see how natural her breasts and cleavage are in the “after” photo. That top is enough to convince me that her chest is real.

They don’t look like fake breast implants to me.

Did she get a butt lift?

Rihanna butt lift before and after comparison photo

I don’t see any signs here.

Rihanna’s butt shape and size look the same to me. So, it’ll be a complete waste of money if she did get a Brazilian butt lift.

Her rear end is real.

What about her teeth?

Rihanna teeth before and after comparison photo

I’ll be honest.

Many celebrities had their teeth fixed but apparently, Rihanna isn’t one of them.

I couldn’t find any evidence of braces or veneers. She is one of the lucky few who was born with a beautiful smile.

Final Thoughts

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the above should tell you everything you need to know about Rihanna’s cosmetic surgery journey. There is nothing.

The singer’s face and body look natural to me but who knows what happens in the future.

To be continued.

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