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10 Teyana Taylor Abs Photos Are Simply Incredible

By Sonny Tenorio


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I knew Teyana Taylor was fit.

But I had no idea that she has such amazing 6 pack abs!

They are like a block of chocolate. Sexy and sweet.

1. Smile for the camera

Teyana Taylor smile for the camera

Hey Tayana, where are you looking? The camera is this way.

Oh, it’s ok, your abs are smiling at us anyway.

2. Walking on stage in style

Teyana Taylor walking on stage

When you have a body like that, the stage is all yours.

3. Turning back the clock

Teyana Taylor turning back the clock

I just wanted to see if Teyana had abs back in the days and yes, she had some.

4. Those muscles look like rocks

Teyana Taylor has abdominal muscles like rocks

I wonder how many situps Teyana can do?

Those abdominal muscles look rock solid!

5. Staring at the bathroom mirror

Teyana Taylor inside the bathroom

Mirror mirror on the wall. Tell me who’s got the best abs of them all.

6. Dancing on the beach

Teyana Taylor dancing on the beach

I’m wondering whether Teyana was falling or just having a dance on the beach.

What do you think?

7. Showing off her goodies

Teyana taylor showing off her goodies

Good things are meant to be shared. That’s why I’m glad she wore this dress.

8. It’s too sunny out here

Teyana Taylor blocking the sun

I’m not sure what’s more shiny. The sun or her stomach?

9. See-thru abs

Teyana Taylor with see thru abs

Why hide it when you’ve got a six-pack, right?

10. Looking a little lost

Teyana Taylor looking lost

Teyana is looking a little lost on set but I’m certain her abs had nothing to do with it.

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