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Madison Beer Everyday Diet: Complete All Day Menu

By Kass Barrera


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Madison Beer

In case you didn’t know, Madison Beer is not a workout junkie and she is not big on weight loss either. So how does she get such an incredible body?

I guess it must be the food she eats.

That’s why I’m going deep into her meal plans (if there is one) and see what kind of diet she sticks to on a daily basis.

Check it out.

Madison’s Breakfast Menu

They say the first meal is the most important meal of the day. So let’s see what type of food Madison eats in the morning.

Bacon & Scrambled Eggs

Madison Beer eating bacon and scrambled eggs
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Like most people, Madison is a big fan of scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning. To top things off, she likes to pump vitamin c into her body by pouring down a glass of fresh orange juice.

Fruits & Smoothies

Madison Beer having fruits and smoothies for breakfast
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Okay, I think Madison is a fruit beast.

If a full plate of berries and melons weren’t enough, she likes to go harder with a blend of fruity smoothies. No wonder why she has such beautiful skin.

Mixed Nuts & Yogurt

Madison Beer having mixed nuts and yogurt
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Focus people!

Yes, I’m talking about that bowl of nutritious mix.

There is a reason why Beer has such an amazing figure and it has everything to do with what she eats. She just loves pumping in healthy nuts and good bacteria in the morning.

Madison’s Lunch Menu

Want to know the type of dishes she enjoys to eat in the afternoon?

Little Pasta

Madison Beer eating little pasta for lunch

Looks like Madison is a carb lover too and enjoys a bit of pasta for lunch. I’m not sure how big that plate was but it doesn’t look like much.

Big Taco Bowl

Madison Beer having a big taco
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Not sure about you, but this is one of the biggest tacos I have ever seen.

Are you sure she can fit all those Mexican goodness in?

Sandwich Bite

Madison Beer sandwich bite
Instagram @ madisonbeer

I have no idea what type of sandwich she got here but it must be delicious.

That’s a seriously big bite!

Pizza & Soft Drinks

Madison Beer likes pizza and soft drinks
Instagram @ madisonbeer

If you think the singer doesn’t like junk food, think again!

Yes, she loves pizza and doesn’t mind a soft drink once in a while.

More Greens & Juice

Madison Beer having green salad and juice
Instagram @ madisonbeer

According to an interview with Look, Madison said she eats junk all day every day, but whenever she feels like she’s put on a few pounds, she will eat healthy for 3 days and be skinny again.

Since she’s only having green salads and watermelon juice here, I guess it must be one of those “clean eating” days.

Madison’s Dinner Menu

With such a slim physique, I’ve always wondered if she eats at night. It turns out that she does and here are some of her meals.

Udon Noodle Date

Madison Beer eating noodle on a date
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Looks like she ordered a bowl of udon noodles tonight but didn’t eat too much of it.

Either it didn’t taste too good, or she was too occupied with her date?

Burger Hunger

Madison Beer eating burger
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Who doesn’t like a burger and Madison is no different. She doesn’t care what time of the day she eats it as long as it satisfies her hunger.

More Pizza Please

Madison Beer wants more pizza for dinner
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Maddy was spotted with one of her besties getting a feed at a pizza joint. With so many topping choices, I wonder which one is her favorite.

Madison’s Dessert Menu

Every girl has a second stomach for dessert and it turns out Maddy is no different. Check out some of her favorite sweet treats.

Ice Cream

Madison Beer having a bowl of ice-cream

With a toned body like hers, you’d think that Maddy would stay away from ice cream. Well, looks like it’s the complete opposite and she can’t get enough of it.


Madison Beer having pancake for dessert
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Sometimes when Maddy gets a sweet tooth, she’ll just get a pancake and it usually does the trick.

Madison’s Snack Menu

When the singer said she likes junk food, I believe her.

Sour Candy

Madison Beer posting sour candy drinks
Instagram @ madisonbeer

Like most young girls, Madison is always happy to try the weirdest snacks available including this sour drink candy or whatever it is.

Chips, Chocolate & More

Madison Beer post chips, chocolates and more snacks
Instagram @ madisonbeer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess this will explain all the snacks that the star likes to munch on.

She’s Not Fussy about Food

After going through all the food that Madison puts into her mouth, I came to one conclusion only and that is, she’s born lucky!

Yes, this girl basically eats anything she wants and anytime she wants. The singer doesn’t have a particular diet or meal plan that she sticks to. Although I did find that she usually eats healthier in the morning.

Whenever she feels heavy from junk food, she will eat clean for a few days. Another thing that I’m certain of is she drinks a lot of juice and perhaps this also explains why she always looks so amazing.

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