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10 Inspiring Photos of Chris Hemsworth Six Pack Abs

By Sonny Tenorio


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He is a strong man.

But Chris Hemsworth puts a lot of hard work into that body. It’s the only way to get ripped with six-pack abs like his.

Check them out.

1. Wiping off sweat

Chris Hemsworth wiping off sweat
Instagram @ chrishemsworth

I told you he works hard.

This is where Chris finishes his workout session and wipes off his sweat.

Look how tense his abs are!

2. Going for a surf

Chris Hemsworth going for a surf

They say you need to be physically fit to surf. Well, I’m sure Chris will have no problem with a body like that.

3. Getting wet in the rain

Chris Hemsworth getting wet in the rain
Twentieth Century Fox

This was a scene from the film “Bad Times at the El Royale” where Chris goes semi-shirtless and gets soaking wet in the rain.

4. The laugh that flexed every muscle

Chris Hemsworth laugh that flexed every muscle on his body

Not sure what was so funny but this laugh literally flexed every muscle on Chris’ body including his 6 pack.

5. Looking like a pirate

Chris Hemsworth looking like a pirate
Film: The Perfect Getaway

Doesn’t he look like a pirate?

Maybe Chris should consider it if such a role ever pops up.

6. Running along the beach

Chris Hemsworth running along the beach

The great thing about running is that it works your core and abdominal muscles. That’s why it’s one of Chris’ favorite exercises.

7. Enjoying the sun

Chris Hemsworth enjoying the sun

Many people go there to show off their beach bodies, but Chris is there to enjoy the sun.

8. Long hair Thor’s body

Chris Hemsworth long hair Thor body

Yes, Thor with long hair is definitely a big bloke.

9. Short hair Thor’s body

Chris Hemsworth short hair Thor body

Here’s the short hair Thor. Not much difference to be honest and they both got abs.

10. Younger Built

Chris Hemsworth younger body

I’m going to finish this off with the younger built of Chris. He obviously needed more work but the six pack was there.

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