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Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

By Kass Barrera


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Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

I’m not the only person.

Many people are also noticing that Ray Liotta looks different.

So yes, I’m wondering if plastic surgery is the reason behind his changing face.

Let’s see.

Before and After Pictures

To get to the bottom of it, I’ve done a few comparisons on the actor.

Did Ray Liotta have botox?

Ray Liotta botox before and after comparison photo

While I was doing the research, a couple of Ray’s puffy face photos showed up.

So I have reasons to believe that Ray might have gotten botox injections. However, he seemed to have dialed it down lately.

His face looks more natural these days as you can see from above.

Has Ray had a facelift?

Ray Liotta facelift before and after comparison photo

Let’s put it this way.

For a man his age, I find it hard to believe that Ray is almost wrinkle-free.

You can hardly see any big lines on his forehead, jawline, and face cheeks. While fillers might have done the tricks, I suspect that he had a facelift too.

What do you think?

Did he get a hair transplant?

Ray Liotta hair transplant before and after comparison photo

It’s no secret that Ray had some thinning patches.

But I don’t think he got a major hair transplant procedure. Maybe he did get a few strands implanted here and there as needed.

That’s probably it.

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure.

Ray’s age doesn’t quite add up to his appearance. So, either he’s been getting cosmetic surgery to slow down his aging or he’s got some amazing genes.

As to which one, I’ll leave that for you.

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